Day18: Can Humans Change?


I just finished watching the documentary “The Trap” which reveals many aspects of human existence showing the total human tragedy as who we have become as well as how we got here. We as humanity went through many attempts to find and understand the right/livable structure upon which we could exist in peace with each other and our surroundings, yet no matter what happened throughout history none of the theories and the application thereof has ever made significant difference to the improvement of our lives and our existence, quite the opposite – it only brought us where we are at the moment- total disaster. Doesn’t that indicate that there is something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong in our understanding?

We tried government control, we tried free market, we tried revolutions and we tried all possible –isms yet none of these applications brought us the desired results. Watching the documentaries it was interesting to see how throughout history we had this constantly persisting believe that we are, as humans, fundamentally flawed and the best we can do is to try and control our inner evil so that we don’t destroy ourselves and each other. I admit that looking at all the bullshit that is here in the world it’s difficult to avoid the feeling of uselessness regarding humanity, yet we have evidence that the real change is actually possible if only we start addressing the actual problems that are causing the human dysfunction.

I am a university graduate myself and I sat at many psychology and other lectures listening to useless stuff that has no practical meaning to our lives as a whole. All I was taught is to repeat the knowledge and information that is already here where all the trust is completely abdicated to our so called great thinkers. And now I see that they are no more than that – thinkers. It was all based on what is already here as who we are as humans with underlying assumption that we cannot really change ourselves but only try and manage and shape ourselves to different models that we theorized and tried to apply.  No one ever questioned the very model upon which we stand – the acceptance of separation into different manifestations as individuality, family structures, nations where the end result of living this separation is self-interest and fear of survival. The end result is separation from all life where inside ourselves we experience this undefined sadness and grief because we have been torn apart into billions pieces trying to fulfill ourselves in this world. And when we have tried what this system has to offer – relationships, consumerism, fantasies, believes, drugs etc. and where we still are not satisfied then we are defined as having a mental sickness. “You have everything – why are you not happy?” Everything?

Throughout my years in university I never heard a single teacher to say – that we must consider everything and everyone. How come no one ever considered the big family as the whole world to be the point of attention where the solutions would consider all beings equally?


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question the scientists and authority of this world because I believed that they are the ones who have answers and only they can know how to make decision on this world should function

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe in the unchanging nature of humanity where I made peace with my limited life and anger and sadness that I experienced within separation from all of the existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe in the idea of self-interest where my whole life I lived only being concerned about myself and my experiences in this world never realizing the interconnectedness of all life and thus the consequences that my self-interested living has on everyone else

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see and realize that no matter what I received and achieved in my life I was never fulfilled and within that I still tried to look for more and more experiences to fulfill myself completely missing the actual problem of self-interested isolation into individual bubble from all the existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the problems in this world where people suffered in poverty, through mental breakdowns, abuse and violence and even then I did not question my existence within the believe that those in power and control should take care of it and I as this little, insignificant part of this system should just sit and hope that everything will be fine

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live in fear of standing and voicing myself or even considering an alternative for what is here as this fucked up world

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that life is too difficult and complex to understand and comprehend and therefore I never even tried to see where the problems lie and how it can be corrected to life that is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give my all my trust to scientists and politicians within the believe that if what they speak is so complex and impossible for me to comprehend they must know what they are doing where I never ask myself the question how can they know what they are doing if life for all people is becoming worse with each day

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to protect myself from negativity that is existent in this world so that I don’t feel bad about what’s going on but I only considered my immediate environment and believed I have no influence on what is happening outside of my bubble

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see the simplicity that everything in this  world is done for the sake of money and profit where money and profit is valued more than life and that this model in no way can benefit humanity


Thus I commit myself to stop all self-interest and believe that I am separate from other and that my actions do not have an effect on other being on this planet

I commit myself to work breath by breath on exposing the current system as it is so that all benevolent beings could wake up and see what they have done

I commit myself to persist on educating myself in understanding the mechanics of this system in its totality and challenge the accepted way of living by showing the common sense solutions like Equal Money System which is able to correct most of the problems

I commit myself to prove mathematically that it is possible to have a world that is best for all if only we decide to let go of the fear and limitation that we believe is who we are

I commit myself to prove to myself and others that human nature can be changed by changing myself into a being that is standing stable in every moment of breath and in all ways considers only what’s best for all life

I commit myself to eradicate all doubt within my mind that we can make a difference by constantly and consistently flooding this reality with common sense which so many beings lack these days because they are flooded and preoccupied with different things like consumerism/happiness/love and other destructive/distracting manifestations


Artwork byRozelle Destonian De Lange




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