Day 79: Who I am as the characters in my mind


Today I have read some very cool blogs (links are below) dealing with the question of who we are as human beings – a question that has been asked by many throughout existence and great philosophers spent countless hours pondering on this question coming up in their minds with various theories and explanations – but now reading these blogs one can find, as I did, that the issue of understanding ourselves as who we are has been simplified where now each one can, for themselves, answer this question and start the journey of truth.

Who I am is but a bunch of characters as separate entities that are fighting between each other for the right to dominate my physical body, feeding of it and getting the most energy to thrive and survive.

Each day I take on and wear a variety of characters/personas as a suit within the believe that I need them to participate in this reality. It is rather funny and sad to realize that I am never really here as a real being but always playing some character in this world. Even now I can see how I play certain characters within this writing. I stop for a moment pressing my keyboard and I think what should my next sentence be – it’s already indication that some character is coming forth, trying to use my fingers and write something that would benefit that specific character. Every single thought that I have reveals a certain character within me and there are many.

So here I place a task for myself to identify all my major characters that I exist in and as within my everyday living to thus enable myself to stop my participation as these characters and bring myself back to reality. Because obviously all my characters are simply thought creations based on my memories and exist in separation from the totality of existence. When I look at any of the characters that I can identify within myself it is easy to see how actually limited they are, where it’s just a few scenes playing over and over again with the same thought patterns repeating while at the same time LIFE happens all around me yet I am too preoccupied in holding my play as the character to notice anything.

Because of the limited nature of who I am as the character all the decisions I make are only considering a minute reality while being completely blind to the bigger picture as this world of which I am still a part, which is still influenced by all the decisions I and everyone else as characters make. So my existence as characters/ego is very detrimental to this world and definitely requires that I as the authority of myself step in and bring all the characters together within myself and change this whole circus into one and equal participation with the single principle – doing what’s best for all in all ways.

So within blogs to come I will take on my major characters to debunk them for what they are and thus bring myself back to life where my cross-reference point will be my breathing as I understand that all my characters are stealing every single breath to give “life” unto themselves – thus when my characters fall away my breathing should be just that – breathing as the air that is coming in and out of my body carrying the oxygen to my organs and sustaining life as who I am as the physical substance where we all are equal and one





2 comments on “Day 79: Who I am as the characters in my mind

  1. Cool Arvydas!

    Looking forward to walking with as we kill all these Characters and Birth ourselves as Life for the Physical.


  2. Ronel says:

    Very clear and practical writing, thanks is it very supportive!

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