Day 86: Failure Character – self comittment statements



This is a continuations from my previous two blogs:

I commit myself to stop viewing reality based on polarities where within that I split myself into halves forcing myself to choose sides and basically creating war with the other side that I have not chosen– realizing that I am fighting with myself in essence

I commit myself to establish equality of all parts that I have divided myself into within realization that all that exists here is me and within that I utilize everything that is here to expand myself and become able to contribute to this world as much as possible

I commit myself to show that knowledge that exists in this reality can be very dangerous when it’s taken upon blind trust and hope and thus it has to be carefully investigated and tested in physical reality to see if it is real and practical

I commit myself to show that most of the knowledge that exists in this reality is not serving our physical world as the one real thing that makes life on earth possible but serves the mind systems that are in complete separation from this physical reality making life on earth a living hell

I commit myself to investigate all the knowledge that I come into contact with where I identify specifically what this knowledge represents and whether it is of any practical value in creating a world that is best for all equally

I commit myself to show that resistance towards the parts that we perceive as negative are parts of ourselves that we have separated ourselves from and thus we require to bring them back into ourselves, understand them in utmost specificity and change them into that which supports all life here on earth

I commit myself to investigate within self-honesty every character that I have created as myself through knowledge and information to thus be able to see the origin point of my creations realizing that only here I am able to remove all my creations that do not support me as who I am as life

I commit myself to make my physical practical living an absolute point of cross-reference in dealing with all knowledge and information in this reality

I commit myself to show how those in power and control are supporting all the knowledge and information in this reality that distracts one from physical real matters and takes one on a sweet mental ride from where it is very difficult to return to the real world that matters

I commit myself to go extra mile to break the chains of those that are caught in the illusions of mental reality, like I was, within the principle of do unto another you would like them to do unto you

I commit myself to develop within myself the ability to practically, using applied mathematics, show to those lost in the illusions of hope what they are actually doing and what needs to be done to correct what is already done

I commit myself to walk as an example revealing and exposing all the characters that I live and lived as in the past where I reveal the true purpose of their creation breaking and exposing the veil of lies and fake presentations that are/were used to justify their existence

I commit myself to stand stable within seeing and realizing the extent to which I have separated myself from life where I realize that this is a process that will take time as it took time to program myself into who I am now as the mind consciousness system

I commit myself to become the director of my life and place a huge question mark when things simply happen without me being the creator of these events where I realize that I am moving on auto pilot mode which indicates that my preprogrammed mind is in control here

I commit myself to within each breath investigate my participation in this reality where I do not allow my mind to dictate my living based on past experiences but I create a new me that stands absolutely in my dedication to make the message of equality a practical realization



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