Day 107: The Responsibility of a Parent


I have been observing my little nephew for the last few weeks, it is an amazing opportunity to see and learn about the development process of a small child. He is about 2 years old and is now at the stage where he is forming his language skills. So far it seems he is mainly participating on an energy level where he reacts very specifically to the underlying waves of energy as emotions and feelings that is being played around and towards him.

From what I have seen so far it is rather obvious to note that this small creature is, simply speaking, just a copy machine where he, very quickly, though his detailed observations, mimics the behaviors around him and immediately applies it within his world where he observes the reactions of others towards that behavior.  It was really amazing to see how he is testing his reality looking at the boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. I have seen so many times already how he likes to stand on the “edge” and see how far he can push the limits of what is allowed and accepted as normal and safe behavior. Putting myself in the shoes of the parent I can see that it is not always easy to direct the child within his behavior where you cannot clearly explain to him the how’s and why’s. In this period it is important to take the necessary time and walk together with him showing him the actions and the consequences of these actions. In other words the parent must be prepared to do the work, be available, be willing, patient and consistent to take each point of the child’s development /learning moment and walk together with him. I mean within these few weeks I have seen and realized the enormous role that parents play in shaping the child as who he is and will become in the future. Parents are the designers working on the establishment of the foundation upon which the child will construct the rest of his life.

So what also is cool about this experience is that I can observe also my mother and how she interacts with the child because within her actions I can see all the programming that I received when I was a child where within that I can notice behavior patterns that are/were a big part of my living. Especially prominent are the action-reward games that are being programmed into the child and where I can definitely see how throughout my life I have lived out this seeking of approval/reward behavior.  And I can see that there is much more to learn. Will continue……..


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