Day 111: Fear of posseessed people


First day at work after my holiday, arriving here right into the chaos that people create for themselves apparently unable to deal with all the emotions that accumulate in their work environment. I found myself reacting to all this what was happening around me, especially towards those people with who I am directly involved to do my job. It was not hard to see how my reactions only “fuel the fire” and so I am in urgent need to return to breath and ground myself here to see the situations as they really are and not take them personally – to thus be able to see the most effective way to direct myself and my environment in a way that would lead to stability.

So what was happening to a guy with whom I was interacting is that in moments he would be completely possessed and react explosively without any considerations about the matter at hand – these possessions last for just a moment and then he suddenly returns back to senses and addresses the issue. And that happened multiple times.

My reaction towards that was anxiety and fear where within that I started avoiding communicating with him and there was like uncertainty within myself how to act – because I still needed the information to do my work.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take other people’s possessive reactions personally where within that I react in a form of fear as uncertainty in my actions thus creating/manifesting self-distraction and my ineffectiveness in each moment here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am the cause of people’s possessive reactions where I go into inFEARiority not realizing that thus I am creating unnecessary consequences showing me again that I decide who I am in each moment

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to stand stable within any chaos that the human mind creates realizing that I do not yet understand how the mind has created these possessions and realize and that the only way to see, realize and understand it is to be stable here without judgment or blame and see things for what they really are

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to blame people for what they are allowing within their minds where within that I separate myself from what is here not realizing the madness of the mind and not realizing that there is no change possible unless we start to see examples of common sense living and that I must be the change and example of what it means to live as the simplicity of physical being here on earth without allowing our mind as thoughts, feelings and  emotions direct our actions


I commit myself to stop taking people’s reactions personally realizing that each individual being is walking their consequences of accepting their thoughts as their God where they see now the reality of what they have become

I commit myself to assist and support others who are willing to understand how emotions and feelings are actually destroying our lives so that we all could step out of our energetic character and live a real live as who we are as physical beings

I commit myself to remind myself of the importance to remain in my physical body being aware of each movement I make so that there would be no place for the mind to claim the space and create the chaos and destruction within me through ignorance of this physical reality only serving the energy God and praying for a little “heaven” as energetic experiences that are believed to be what life is



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