Day 115: “Imagination” character


Ok so this point came up today where I have seen how within communication with my work colleagues we are just daydreaming basically where we imagine/fantasize about what we would like to do instead of actually making practical investigation and actually taking practical steps to achieve our goals.  What we do is we look at people that have higher positions/higher incomes and we imagine ourselves being in those positions and how cool it would be to be where they are. From here the usual pattern is to enter the fantasy phase creating different scenarios of how we could become more influential/have higher income jobs. So I have seen today how actually desperate that all is and how stupidly that sounds and where within that I was angered with myself for allowing myself to exist in this state of basically giving up on myself and being at peace about the position I am where there is no actual consideration about reality and how we can move ourselves to become what we want to become. In that moment of seeing where I was participating I started to bring the fantasizing minds back to reality and looking physically/practically at the possibilities/steps we could take to make our dreams a reality. This wasn’t easy as the minds where constantly turning/directing the reality into imaginations that have no possibility to be manifested in our lives. So within that I saw that the mind has a point of hopelessness when seeing the actual road that has to be walked in order to actually expand and grow in living. Yet at the same time it was intriguing and motivational for all of us to consider the reality and self-honestly look at where we are and what we can do to make the change. There was certainly lack of clarity about knowing what one actually wants to do and what one could do based on the accumulated skills throughout one’s life.

Also I have seen within that that there was like an acceptance/making peace with the placement of where one finds oneself as if that is unchangeable/not for me/not in this lifetime. As if existing only in hope that something/somewhere might happen and in some miraculous way we will achieve our goals. Within that we then looked at the time/the years we are already here on this earth  and how we are actually wasting each year away without ever making significant decisions/steps towards a change. There are a lot of statements of “maybes”, “perhaps”, “hopefully” etc. that take all the power away from us and keeps within the state of inactions and indecisiveness.

So I am glad I noticed this pattern within myself and to become aware how I keep myself stuck in the current position – thus there is an urgent necessity to stop all imagination and bring myself back to reality and grow and expand in the REAL world instead expanding myself in the world of my imagination and hopes.

Will continue with Self-forgiveness statement for this allowance to hold myself stuck within powerless and hopelessness and thus return myself to practical living with real physical actions that stand on a strong decision to make something out of my life and move myself into a position of more power and responsibility where within that I always ensure that all my actions are always directed in bringing a world that is best for all and where no one ever has to envy another for where and who another is or how much money one makes.



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