Day 119:: Trust me please – Self-Commitment


I commit myself to stop my past replaying itself and influencing my present living participation where I realize that what has happened in the past does not define me but I create myself here in each moment by forgiving the past and within that focusing on the development of myself as a being who honors all living forms realizing my equality with all that is here

I commit myself to realize that everything I have been living so far has been created from the starting point of fear thus I was compromising myself as who I am as life where for example I was gaining trust within/from the system to be able to survive instead of being trustworthy in the eyes of life where whatever happens I make decisions that benefit all life and not only me as the separate entity as the mind

I commit myself to identify all emotional and feeling movements within myself tracking them back to the point of creation in the past and forgiving myself for this creation where now I start with a clean slate creating and manifesting myself in alignment with the physical reality realizing that this is who I am – a physical being with no need to have any thoughts, feelings or emotions to be here and live here in equality with all that is here as me

I commit myself to observe myself and identify where, how, when I am still living as fear and within that face my fears and realize that who I am as a physical being free from the mind has no fears because who I am as physical substance is eternally here and that it’s only the mind as energetic entity that fear the end which is inevitable and so I bring the end to me myself as what I have become as the separate entity as the mind by deleting all my thoughts, feelings and emotions that I have accepted to be who I am

I commit myself to no longer define trustworthiness from the system perspective where I was living trust as earning my trust points by following and fulfilling all what system required of me so that I could ensure my survival but redefine trustworthiness to a living application as being equal to self-honesty where I trust myself that I always remain self-honest with myself no matter what



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