Day 130: stopping self-sabotage

This is a continuation from yesterday’s blog Day 129: The Desteni Character where I wrote about my perception of self-change within all the years of participating in Desteni. I felt rather strange after writing this piece and I could see that I was basically sabotaging myself where I stated, like a child throwing a tantrum, that I haven’t changed and that I was much better years ago and blah blah blah. Within all that I haven’t looked, at all, at my practical living where I have been and where I am now since I started the process. It seems I was only looking at my mind dimension trying to find any special powers that I believe I should have acquired within this simple process of becoming a practical, physical being that can live together in oneness and equality with all other beings here on this earth that we all share. So yes I can see that within this I have changed and made myself do many practical things in my life that otherwise I would have never done because they are apparently not in any way providing me with the satisfaction of positive feelings, yet they stand in the category of actions that are required to be done to wake myself and others to the world that we live in. However I do agree that I wasn’t approaching the process in the most practical/effective ways and in many cases my actions were influenced through a variety of fears, thoughts, imaginations, backchats, reactions that were not effectively dealt with from the very beginning from the perspective of who I have become as the Desteni character. So within my next blogs I will be looking at different parts of self-application/approach where through understanding I would correct my walking and thus ensure more effective self-movement within the process of self-realization that we walk individually and as a group

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