Day 136: Talking before walking


Whenever I put my mind onto something that I want to accomplish I just start blowing it into all the directions – this is where I already start sharing with everyone my plans and goals. I definitely get a good feeling out of it, it seems like I am already moving in that direction, becoming that point – when in reality no physical actions has been actually taken and walked. And I mean there are just too many examples that I have in my living experience that prove that “living” according to such accepted pattern is completely not effective. It is so easy to “move” in my mind, it’s so easy to design assumptions/ideas/opinions about something, yet it is not easy when the moment of facing physical reality comes and I have to actually move myself and get things done for real. And it is usually the same experience all the time – disappointment – it turns out that it’s not as easy as I thought it will be.

In the physical reality there is time and space that must be walked for any point to become a reality – in the mind, however, it’s possible to do the quantum leaps and even immediately start enjoying the imagined results of future life. So it’s easy to see how “life” is lived in two worlds – the real world and the alternative reality of the mind.

There is also the believe within me that when sharing my plans with other people has an influence on the outcome where within that I try to find and share my goals with those who I perceive will have a positive attitude and so will support me, not realizing that the support I get is used by me to validate my opinions/ideas/perceptions. So all I do is I build and upgrade my alternate reality while the physical process is overlooked.

Having identified this pattern for some time now I observe myself whenever I get the pull to play it out in my reality. But still I am doing it – automatically. Usually only after I have already shared with everyone around me about my plans I sit down realizing that “oops I did it again”. I begin to judge myself now I also begin to expect that the second part, of not being able to walk the physical process, has to play out as well. It’s like “oh I have already told everyone about my plans, so they will definitely not going to manifest” – within that not considering myself at all but putting all trust in patterns and believes instead of making the decision here to follow through with my commitments that I have so feverishly exposed to everyone around me. I mean I can decide to move myself in each moment and get done whatever needs to be done.

Just to summarize the point I want to look quickly at all the reasons I am doing this talky talky but no walky:

Self-motivation – trying to talk myself into doing it. Charging myself with energy to start moving. Obviously with the believe that I need energy to do it, instead of simple practical breath by breath application in the physical – walking all the steps that have to be walked within realization that it is my decision to do it as I see that is what will support me in the process of expansion

Searching for approval – speaking to people to get approval and support. Also shows fear of standing alone and trusting my decision. Still I see that most of the time I get the approval as I so cleverly sell my ideas, yet I still I fail within the process of implementation.

Feeling better about myself – yes that stems from not being comfortable where I am and who I am. There is still unsolved issues with my perception of self, judgments about how I live my life, the effectiveness of it.  “time is going quickly and I still haven’t achieved anything” “I don’t want to be here, I have to move/change quickly”

Sharing is caring – ok that also enters the scene but is only the justification to remain as this robotic character doing what is was programmed to do. Not considering that this pattern is not what is best for all – this type of sharing is not caring as it is only knowledge/imaginations that is shared – which hasn’t been tested and walked in the physical. “Sharing is caring” can only be valid once I have walked the point and can give the account of my journey clearly showing, in detail, what I have walked, how I have walked and how that can assist and support others that would be willing to try something similar within their own living process application.

To be continued…



3 comments on “Day 136: Talking before walking

  1. Marlen says:

    Cook self debunk thanks for sharing.

  2. IngridS says:

    Thanks for sharing. I experience the opposite, I don’t want to share plans before I have already done them! :-). (btw I think my blog is not in the list here on the right? There are two Ingrid. )

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