Day 138: Walking before talking commitment

This is a continuation from previous blogs:

Day 136: Talking before walking

Day 137: Self-forgiving the rambling character


I commit myself to stop the pattern of sharing information with people around me when this information is still in the process of formation and is not yet physically practically walked and proven to be valid/relevant/supportive for me or anyone else

I commit myself to ensure that what I speak is of real practical value and it’s not just ideas/projections/opinions etc. that are being regurgitated in an automatic manner that I have allowed in many interactions with others throughout my life

I commit myself to become an accountable person taking full self-responsibility for the words coming out of my mouth and within that create a level of trust with myself and others with me within knowing that what I say holds value and can be actually taken into consideration

I commit myself to stop deluding myself that me speaking and sharing with people my plans increases my chances of manifesting them and within that I stop inflating my mind bubble and return to earth to do the actual practical work required to get things done

I commit myself to become comfortable standing alone in my reality and walking the points in self-trust without requiring/needing approval and moral support

I commit myself to share my process of walking once I have the necessary understanding to see that what I am sharing might be of support to others

I commit myself to unconditionally accept my current creation of myself as who I have become within realization that this is the required starting point from where I can walk practically and effectively towards change



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