Day 145: Living Word vs. Being a Politician in my Mind


Recently I watched the documentary “Krokodil: Russia’s Deadliest Drug” in which it was depicted the most atrocious conditions that people have to live in and where absolute hopelessness of the situation makes young people turn to the most destructive drug usage just to have this momentary feeling that everything is fine.

So it was obvious that more and more people realize and understand, through actual living, the hopelessness of their lives. The system has abandoned them because the system, as we can see through the world events, is falling apart and so it has to cut off pieces of itself in order to survive. In the past the system was still able to uphold many regions through endless promises and through some minor physical actions just to sustain that hope of people. Yet apparently it’s coming to the point now where only promises remain and so people are left all by themselves to search for solutions. One guy that was interviewed said that he wishes to see less corruption, stealing, lying and that the politicians should live up to their words and promises.

So that is the problem – we are no longer living our words because I mean there are basically only two ways that this can be done and none of which is very pleasant for the greedy mind that we as humans have evolved into overtime. So to live our words we would either become extremely nasty as that what we really are and have become inside ourselves or another option is self-forgiveness for the actual nastiness that we are and living a solution through the living word.

That’s where the change has to come. Establishing trust in ourselves and each other through proving to ourselves that what we set out to do we will actually do it. It’s so easy to delude ourselves with beautiful words and feel good about our commitments’ yet in the meantime not even moving the ass from the chair to get things accomplished.

It’s time to become a living word and be self-honest with myself about who I really am and what I am actually capable of and from here move myself to the best of my ability towards the point of desired correction.

To be continued



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