Day 196: The end of the World– the end of my troubles ­

At some point in my life I was very hopeful about this theory and placed much emphasis on it as it was part of the solution to my life problems. I really didn’t like the way that my life was progressing because as the years of my easy teenage years went by it was becoming clear that I have to start taking responsibility for my life- get a job, provide myself with all the basic necessities etc. In other words for me it was like a giving up and submitting to the system and getting a “life” like everyone else. This wasn’t something I was looking forward to and basically tried by all means to avoid having to do that. That’s where the idea of the end of the world was so nicely fitting with my desires, it gave me a perfect justification to not enter the system and thus continue my life within the believe that I am more free than those who work as slaves to just sustain the lives which they obviously didn’t enjoy.

And so I became a strong proponent of the message that the world is ending and so I tried to convince as many as possible that we better change our ways quick if we are to survive this Armageddon. I turned to the wise masters and gurus who talked about this and who offered a way out. A new world of possibilities was opening up for me and so I indulged myself in long lasting investigations and applications of the practices suggested by those apparently intelligent beings.

Through having done some research it seemed that the answer is pretty simple – all I have to do is ASCEND out of here into higher planes of existence leaving all this shit behind. And so it became my primary goal and basically a solution to all my problems. So from here reading the knowledge written by masters, constant meditations, as well as exclusive attention to positivity became my daily reality.

Only now looking back I can see how I was actually separating myself from the “negative” reality that I existed in and as on a daily basis in my mind and isolated myself more and more into my bubble of positivity.

Only much later I realized that reality is reality no matter how you perceive or interpret it to be. All I did was putting my concentration and focus on all that is positive and nice and good while the negative, the evil was always here within and without but I just refused to look at it. And I didn’t realize or understand at the time the simple law of polarity – that the good and the bad exist together and are absolutely dependent on each other. All I did was I separated myself from totality of what is here to view only that which is positive. So this stupidity was accepted and allowed by me through reading the knowledge and information and believing it blindly without questioning it for myself – I mean it sounded so good and it was exactly what I desired to hear. All this gave me the permission to not take responsibility for my reality, I didn’t have to deal with problems, I simply brushed them away as something that is negative, not cool and within that I imposed, or perhaps it is more correct to say, I tried to impose on it the positive light – yet obviously I never really succeeded as the reality, which we all perhaps can agree is much more negative/evil rather than positive or nice or beautiful, was always revealing itself in my day to day reality. Conflicts, disagreements, anger, rage, violence, fear were sleeping in and calling for attention to be dealt with, yet at that stage I still tried to ignore it constantly and continuously repeating to myself “it’s not real, it’s not real, this physical world is not real, who I really am is much more out there as my higher self that is waiting for me until I do my work of raising my vibrations properly and become equal to it”

Yes that was the level of self-deception that I have accepted and allowed to exist within me, until, fortunately, I encountered Desteni group which has finally answered the crucial questions explaining in absolute detail the true reality of human existence and how we humans fuck ourselves eternally with energy never realizing the true nature of our beingness. Here I was introduced to the concept of self-responsibility and so I began my journey to life. There are still lots to see, to realize and to understand about how this reality functions and so I suggest to all as myself to not waste a single minute and start this amazing as well as scary discovery of self. Amazing from the perspective that seeing the reality of self which is essentially evil as reflected in the world that we all together created we are able to embrace it in totality and thus change it. Equal Money is undeniably the first step that we as human require to take in order to survive our destructive nature that is about to kill this planet earth on which we all depend for survival.

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