Day 197: Prosecution of Doomsday Prophets starting December 22

One Russian official proposed to prosecute all those who spread the message of doomsday – starting December 22. That is valid idea considering that people should be taking responsibility and stand accountable for their actions realizing the consequences that their actions have on other people.There’s already been linked some suicides of some teenagers regarding their fears related to the end of the world, so that in turn is linked to those who spread the message about it. Another report describes how in some distant part of Russia there was a collective mass psychosis in women’s prison, again through the growth of thoughts about the impending doom. Then another group of panicked people in the town east of Moscow stripped the shelves of matches, kerosene, sugar and candles in preparation to doomsday.

“Everyone has a different nervous system, and this kind of information affects them differently. Information acts subconsciously. Some people are provoked to laughter, some to heart attacks, and some — to some negative actions.” Said Leonid Ogul, a member of Parliament’s environment committee

So all in all this believe is making quite a huge direct effect on many people’s lives, as well as the indirect that we are not immediately noticing, yet which, is definitely making things much worse. Here I am talking about the abdication of responsibility where one places all focus out there somewhere into the mind projection instead of dealing with everyday reality that we all experience for real.

What we need at the moment is real practical actions to sort our reality and for that we first have to release the hope of escaping that which is here, that which we have allowed and become through endlessly satisfying our desires at the expense of this planet.

It’s no secret that people have diminished significantly in their capacity to think for themselves or critically view the reality, each generation proves to go lower and lower on all mathematical measurements within the ability to be independent and responsible beings. Because of that people became very susceptible to any and all messages of fear where within that they will react in self-interest to any threat and that they will do without considering anything or anyone. What is more important, as have the messengers of doom realized, is that people are ready to spend their money for the promise of better future:

“You get the sense that the end of the world is a commercial project,” Mikhail Degtyaryov told the newspaper Izvestiya. “Just look at how many swindlers are trying to make money on this affair, starting from the pseudo-magicians, ending with people selling groceries and other rations.”

So again it’s time to consider what we as human are actually doing and moreover what we gonna do after we realize that there is nothing and no one that can and will save us but it’s our own responsibility to fix the problems that we face in this reality. How can we educate ourselves to no longer be swayed and fooled by various scams trying to scare us or provide us with illusionary hope while the reality that requires our real actions suffers and continues to diminish.

Join Desteni DIP Lite for a real education that will ensure that what we see and hear in this reality is not an interpretation but the actuality of it and through this become equipped to deal with reality in common sense.

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