Day 201: Derren Brown proves that we are all the same

Recently I have watched one Derren Brown’s show where he has revealed a very interesting phenomenon that is well known in our society yet nothing is done about it.

So the short video was called “Derren Brown – Astrology, Palm Reader, Palmists“. So to give a quick recapture in this show Derren had three groups of people of 5 individuals and where about each individual within each group he made psychological assessment based on his/her drawing of the palm and one random belonging. After the assessment was made the individuals were extremely amazed about the accuracy of the description Derren made about them as who they are as the personalities. So this awe of the moment lasted until Derren revealed that to each and every individual within the experiment he gave the same article of their personality description.

Many years ago I also had the opportunity to test this experiment on myself where our psychology teacher in College did a very similar test with us where she gave us a very small and short questionnaire to fill in from which, she said, she drew these conclusions about who we are. After the trick was revealed we were all astonished in the end realizing how similar we all are.

It’s a very similar experience when participating in Desteni process where we as the members are sharing our points that we deal with in everyday living and so within this sharing of our findings we realize more and more our common problems; basically we all have the same problems that we face in our reality where, just to mention some, most of us have fears/insecurities about our self-image, most of us fear conflict situations, most of us have the tendency to procrastinate where we start something but never find the strength to go to the end, we all face jealousy and comparison with other members of the same sex, most desire for sex and money, fear public performance, fear being alone etc. etc. so I mean there is only so much stuff that we carry within ourselves and when you really look at it or start doing some research and investigation you see that it is absolutely useless and unnecessary to have all these fears, insecurities, as they are in no way supporting us to live here in this reality and can be quite easily transcended, as many in the Desteni process have already proven. Of course some points are more deeply imbedded and they require more effort and dedication to be dealt with, yet it is possible to change ourselves.

From this thus the question here begs itself how come that our education system is not equipped with simple tools to deal with problems that are so well-known to our so called intelligent society. How come we learn things at school that have no practical relevancy and the real problems that most of us face throughout our lives are overlooked and not addressed.

The only valid answer I find to this nonsense is that our impractical programs that we study in our schools are deliberately/specifically designed to keep us broken, psychologically unfit to effectively live in this world. I mean if the people are properly educated and graduate the schools as fully informed and prepared for this reality human beings with properly developed common sense reasoning then this system that we have currently allowed to exist will no longer survive as it is obviously abusive and sickening to say the least.

So as a consequence of the current system we have a dumb humanity who are all walking like zombies pretending to be ok, hiding from each other, yet inside we are deeply disturbed and equally broken children who never had a chance to properly develop our relationship to this world. And the problem is quite big now, because those who should say STOP are “adults” who unfortunately are busy dealing with the consequence of fucked up childhood development period not realizing that the best solution would be to start from the beginning and ensure that the children who come to this world right now would not repeat the same destructive path of arriving at this TRUE END of life.

So in the end it’s still up to parents to change what’s already been done by taking a good look at the path that has been walked and through understanding this path walk and prepare the correction for future generations. As it was shown in this video the problems we all face are known, we live them day to day – it’s only a matter of slowing down and realizing that we cannot continue like that and so take the responsibility for what we have allowed ourselves to become and so design the new way for those who come to this world.

There is a free online course “Desteni I Process Lite” which in detail explains and educates about how we can recognize and fix our problems thus leaving no excuse for any parent to continue the transference of problematic mind to their children through ignorant living.



Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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