Day 204: Who’s driving the train?

There is this deeply ingrained believe that someone is directing and watching over this existence, some intelligent power that will step in and solve the problems that we face as humanity. It is a shocking moment to finally realize that there is no one planning or watching over this planet, in simple terms – nobody gives a shit. Watch the documentary “Blind Spot” to remove all doubts that this is the reality.

Our separation into individual parts and detachment from reality is successfully established to the point where we see, or we don’t see anything beyond our own self-interest. And even that self-interest is absolutely distorted because true self-interest would be to live a life ensuring the sustainability of this planet upon which we are all so dependent yet we adopted a definition of self-interest based on illusion created in the mind which sadly is absolutely separated from reality.

So to answer the question- who is driving the train? we have to look at how this reality works and within this we can see that we all, in each moment, with each decision that we make are directing and determining the outcome. Yet we are not interested in this answer because that answer interferes with our accepted lifestyle to which we’ve become so accustomed and even dependent. It must be yet realized that this lifestyle, as so many statistical data already reveals, cannot be sustained for much longer, we are already nearing various types of crisis that will inevitably make us consider another way. The questions was asked: will we do it voluntarily or not? These are the only two choices we have and one of them, which is much more likely, will hit us in the back to test our true skills of survival.

Why can’t we see? or why we don’t want to act on what we see?
As I observe in my reality the tendency of the people I come into contact with is to place themselves in inferior position in relation to the system and in this way remove self from any responsibility, claiming that there are bigger powers at work were we have no ways and means to influence them, so therefore we shouldn’t even try – “all we can do is live our lives as best as we can until death arrives”. “We made thus far and it was fine so we just continue as is and maybe we can get through this”.

So what can we do about all the injustice that is predominant in this reality? a colleague asked me – whatever it takes I said. How about starting with self and starting to consider our everyday decisions that we make. How do we make choices, what do we support through the choices we make? How do we spend our money? where does it go? does it support the current system or does it support the solution? What is the solution?

I agree that it’s not so easy to get out from the preprogramming that was so extensively and effectively done through such a long time where within that we accepted the current system as the only way to be. The CULTure has effectively transferred the fears through believe systems into our minds making everyone, who comes with new ideas, an enemy. Yet, now seeing what is already happening all around the world one has to shatter any ideals that one has accepted and allowed as they are all proven to be worthless in the face of reality. The “answer” that we knew, that was given to us after our birth, is not no longer valid and we require to pose the question and this time do it by ourselves, for the first time, and seek the answer that would satisfy us as who we truly are as the equal inhabitants of this physical existence.


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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