Day 207: Time Management through Awareness

TIME and how we move in time is important and has to be effective in one’s life when considering the times we live in and how in essence we have so little time left to produce necessary changes in our life’s and through that in this world as a whole.

I have watched one seminar just now on effective time management and right from the start I saw already the mistake I was doing in how I deal with my Time. Nr. 1 point, or a Sin as it was called, in the seminar was the justification that “in my line of work I cannot possibly plan/structure my time”. The real problem within that being that we make out of this a belief, like a living statement that we repeat constantly and continuously until it become a living reality. Here we don’t realize the power each one of us has to create and direct our living experience through the living word.

So I have seen that this was a perfect justification for me that I have used to not be effective with my time, basically to not change. Besides I also noticed that this is a pattern which I also used in other areas of my life like for example dealing with my finances where I continued to make a  living statement “I cannot possibly plan/budget my finances because of the way I live and work”

So what I am really doing by allowing this mindset is that I am giving away my power to the mind to direct my life, putting all the trust to the chance circumstances. This requires hope or delusional self-convincing that everything is cool, because “it always worked quite nicely, so everything will be fine”.

Recently I have listened to a very super cool interview done by Marduk where he spoke about Anu,  who is a guy that created and designed this whole mind consciousness system that we live in and as, so it’s really like a guy to listen to in order to learn to be more effective in this existence. So in this interview it was shared how Anu never ever left anything to chance and always and by all means ensured that things were in order and properly set, always. He would check and re check everything until he would be completely satisfied, without a shadow of doubt that he can proceed knowing things will work out exactly as planned.

So that shows the importance of being self-directive and ensuring that things are not left for chance but are followed through with care and extreme awareness. This certainly makes sense after experiencing through time this mind controlled reality where you can see how sometimes missing a single thought creates a chain of reactions in the mind leading one to consequential experiences which you never planned or desired. So it’s time to lead the train manually and stop the hope that the rails that were built by those who went before us lead to a better destination while all the evidence shows that self-interest and greed were the managing officers controlling the minds of human beings.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to repeat to myself constantly and continuously that because of the way my life is set up I cannot plan and structure my time effectively and I cannot manage my finances efficiently within that not realizing that it is my choice to live this statement of disempowerment and not realize that with a self-directive decision and commitment to live the necessary correction I am more than able to plan my life in specificity and in this way become the creator rather than the follower of my existence

When and as I see within myself arising the thought of me not being able to manage in specificity my time and finances, I stop and I breathe, I realize that its true until I state and live this believe

And so I commit myself to take the necessary time to structure and plan my days and follow through with these plans, not allowing the mind in any way, to distract me within this realizing that I am able to become self-directive and trustworthy being


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