Day 208: Don’t Trust the Little Voice – it’s a Big Problem

The way I handled my problematic relationships in the past was by Walking Away from them. I learned this technique whilestill participating in spirituality which, so beautifully, has designed the ways in which to avoid any responsibility. Let’s take here the existing notion for example:

“Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. Just trust the little inner voice when it’s telling you”

This tactic works only when one has means to do it – Money. It’s only enough to watch some documentaries about how the majority of people in this world live their lives and it becomes obvious that for many this choice doesn’t exist at all. Thus many children are absolutely bound to remain with their abusive parent, many wives with their dysfunctional husbands, many animals with their brutal owners etc.

So that statement can be made only when one exist in a separated mind state and one who has no understanding about the actual functioning of the mind system. It’s also very evil statement considering that most of the world currently exist in the so called “negative” state which is basically the reality that is here to be faced, yet these light and love beings, through making such statements, shun away the responsibility of facing such problems of this reality and escape into their own self-created bubbles of positivity, where there exist the one and only concern – own well-being.
“Just trust the little inner voice when it’s telling you”

What is that little voice in the head telling one where to go and what to do? Can you trust that inner voice? Who are we within that, just a blind follower?

One can see that trusting that little voice requires one to have faith. I personally always believed that this voice was my higher self that is directing me and so I was gladly following the instructions, without ever stopping to pose myself the question, any question. I mean, if not for Desteni, I would most probably never have doubted these powers “above” me as they seemed so far and so grand. The whole spiritual literature is just overwhelmingly full of worshiping that spiritual realm where the earth in comparison to it seems like a last place one would want to be.

And so, through all these masterful teaching, I have learned to escape the physical reality from one moment to the next. Of course I could never escape it completely, I never had the guts to truly follow my masters and become as full of light as they were. I blamed myself extensively for not being worthy to enter the spiritual realms, I blamed my earthly desires, I punished my body, I starved it – just for it to give up and let me go. So the level of delusion was extreme and many people still exist there and I wonder what will it take for them to wake up.

Of course money does the trick and when one is out of cash the lights go off and boom – one drops back to the ground. And that’s exactly the place where one can find the common sense and the lost ability to care for that which is real, that which is Life.

Join Desteni, a group of people who stand on the ground waiting for all to descend from their thrones of grandeur and are here ready to assist all to become equal citizens of this physical reality.


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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