Day 209: Making the choice requires living them into action

Here I am revisiting once again my decision to stand absolutely within my decision to walk myself back to life from that which is not life. Existing in constant thinking that creates endless webs of confusion distracting me from the real physical participation in my reality is definitely not living and thus has to be stopped for life to be born, and so here I am facing the reality of the real physical actions required to manifest this correction I realize more and more how diligent, constant and consistent self-application must become.

I am more and more starting to see how each day, each interaction, each moment and even each breath determines the outcome of who I am and will be. I realize how any small deviation from everyday consistency compromises all previous efforts. In other words the input as each fraction is equal to the output as who I am becoming through the accumulation of these fractions. If during my day I spend most of the time in my mind thinking, judging, condemning, blaming etc. others than be sure that the outcome will be a personal world and reality that is full of fear, uncertainty, self-distrust, and all other goodies that are the products of such thinking processes. If on the other hand I am aware with all my interactions, remaining stable within my breath not allowing any thoughts, feelings or emotions to influence and determine the way I move myself in this physical reality where I see and act based on common sense and practical considerations of everything and everyone that I am aware of – then surely the outcome will be the growth of responsibility and common sense understanding about who I am, how this reality in fact function and thus how can I change myself and my reality.

So this is the choice we all face

Continuation in the next blog


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One comment on “Day 209: Making the choice requires living them into action

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