Day 211: Meeting the Parts of Self

It is a rather interesting period here in my work environment where I have a chance to meet more and more new people that come to replace, for various reasons, the usual crew that I work with. So each time that happens I am anticipating already to see who is coming now and what that person represents as a part of me.

I mean obviously this whole outer world as we see it, as it currently works and functions is a representation/a mirror of who we are inside of ourselves, yet it is important to begin this journey by getting to know ourselves as the ME and the immediate surroundings where within that we learn how to move and direct and manage the ME as the thoughts, feelings, emotions and so the actions and the spoken words that we produce in a way where the outcome is achieved according to the principles that we set for ourselves. I see this as a journey that requires extended amount of time as the level of accepted and allowed automated systematic behavior patterns according to which we as humans function is very deeply ingrained into our beingness. Yet, as there is nothing else to do in this world, unless of course you want to drown and disappear into self-created mind existence without any comprehension about the bigger reality of who we are, we have to begin the investigation inside and outside right here where we are and from here expand slowly within our understanding and responsibility.

So what I was saying is that within my investigation of myself as the mind it is very supportive to see and observe the people in the proximity as they enter my immediate space to show me who I am. Within this the responsibility is to see, understand and accept, and so transcend the patterns that do not represent what is best for all. I am not talking here about forcing to change others because it’s all about self, so I am able to check myself by seeing all the processes that are happening in my mind while interacting with other beings.

So currently I am facing yet another part of myself and it’s a very cool experience as I am learning a lot about myself. Initially I found myself reacting quite a bit to certain behavior patterns that this being represents and so I have this great opportunity to apply necessary corrections. The main question I ask myself whenever I find the reaction to a behavior is – where in my world and reality I do the same behavior? Here by giving myself the answers I grow in my awareness about who I am. I have already seen some nasty parts within myself and so I applied, in the moment, self-forgiveness aloud to so release such points like self-judgment, self-blame and other non-supportive mind creations. It’s becoming a process where when I make a mistake, I immediately apply self-forgiveness and decide upon a new behavior and go back to check if I am standing within and as the correction. If not then going back to the board in search for new solutions.

I will continue with my findings in the next blog



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