Day 213: Sickness and Disease – Facing the Problem


We are as human beings facing huge problems in almost all areas of our existence. Doesn’t matter where you look – we are destroying, using and abusing every part of this living reality and we do it as if there is no tomorrow, which is probably true and is actually true for many people that already face the consequence of our collective ignorance and destruction of this planet. These days one can consider himself lucky if there are no serious condition as disease or sickness luring within one’s body, like a ticking bomb, ready to claim life at any moment. Recently I have watched a documentary “Stopped on Track” where family is facing the certain and very rapid death of the father and husband who has been diagnosed with untreatable brain tumor. The news came as a huge surprise; they were told that within two months the rapid growth of tumor will cause imminent death. Quite a shocking story!

So now looking at a bigger picture that is true for all of as humans, we have a major disease manifesting in many forms, we are all basically dying a slow death and the only difference between us is that some of us have a bit more time and some less. The question however that we should ask ourselves, like the question that this family of a dying man asked themselves – what are we going to do with the remaining time? Surely in their case there isn’t much they can do in two months but for the rest of us that’s gonna hang around a bit longer on this planet earth this question holds huge significance as it will determine the future of us and humanity as a whole. To answer for ourselves the questions whether we are still capable of saving ourselves or have we already crossed the line of no return we must first understand and realize the extent of the problem, to see the human disease in all its forms and within that understand the solutions that have to be implemented as well as to see what will change and how this new world will look like if these solution were to become a reality?

In some of my blogs to come I would like to take a closer look at various types of diseases in the human body that are proliferating in our society, find the underlying causes of those disease, also look at the established ways of treatment, how effective is current medicine in treating those diseases, if not effective then why is it so, who is benefiting from the continued existence of disease and what can we do about it, what are the best ways to support ourselves in the short term and in the long term, what needs to change to ensure prevention of those diseases etc. In other words how can we create a better future where we would grow and expand and flourish throughout the span of our life rather than birthing into this world only to diminish, deteriorate and die.



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One comment on “Day 213: Sickness and Disease – Facing the Problem

  1. Marlen says:

    Great! Thanks and looking forward to it

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