Day 214: Heart Disease Epidemic will End in Equal Money Capitalism

The Problem

Heart diseases are and have been for some time now one of the biggest killers of human population. Surely a problem of such an extent has many views, ideas and believes floating around it and so it’s becoming ever more difficult to distinguish what information can or cannot be trusted. Here perhaps we can all agree, from common sense deduction, that our conventional approach to tackle this epidemic is not effective as every year the number of sick and dead is on the rise. So it clear that we require some radical reconsideration of our approach to challenge this problem.

Recently on the internet appeared an article written by Dr. Dwight Lundell where he bravely exposed the fallacy of his life’s work as a heart surgeon. He mentions that most of the medical community, as doctors and surgeons, with all this time spent acquiring and evolving the knowledge got their egos a bit inflated and find it now difficult to admit that their lives were basically wasted where besides of doing no benefit to community to fight their illnesses they were actually doing more harm.

So even though there are a few doctors that are admitting their mistakes and coming forward to try and get to a solution, still many will remain silent and many will still defend the old ways. Besides this being an EGO problem we can also see that there are some FEARS involved – people are afraid to compromise their positions within the system, where at the moment Doctors having everything established in their lives fear any change as it threatens to take away what they already have. And that is the reality of current system – if you speak against it, you are in danger of being cut from its support lines. That happened to many people that were standing up and voicing themselves in the face of injustice they were seeing.

And it’s really amazing how long we cling to the old and the known ways even despite the new emerging evidence, as undeniable statistical numbers, proving that what we are doing is not what is best for all.

Another existing barrier towards the solution is the human GREED as wanting to be and to have more than others, where people as doctors and surgeons in this case, have already established their positions within the current model/approach towards the heart diseases or any other diseases for that matter. And these positions guarantee for them extensive financial benefits where they work hand in hand with Pharmaceutical corporations pushing the drugs – and so within this the goal becomes PROFIT rather than the cure of the sick. The cure becomes irrelevant and even undesirable as that eliminates the source of income. So in the end nobody is interested with curing the sick but rather it becomes the management of the sick, just to keep the patients alive and only functional to the point where they could still operate within the system to generate money.


What is the Solution?

The solution is to move on and let go the old knowledge which requires that we remove the fear factor of not following within the lines of the current system. That is why new system with new values needs to be introduced and here comes Equal Money Capitalism which will have in essence different guidelines that will have to be followed by each doctor. And that is to protect life and ensure that the harmony of human body remains undisturbed in the first place, meaning that the attention will mostly be concentrated to the prevention of diseases and not just dealing with the consequences of dysfunctional lifestyle.

In the Equal Money Capitalism there will be much attention placed on changing the lifestyle through effective education process ensuring that people re-establish a close relationship with EARTH realizing in this that earth is the source of Life that has to be honored and protected. When the earth, as the soil and the water are sick/contaminated then that immediately affects our health condition, our quality of life.

There will be no fear of losing jobs and losing income to support oneself. Equal Money Capitalism will ensure that every person has employment and thus the income. If unemployment exists – the government must step in to create jobs where possible – because employment is a basic human right. Within this a correction towards working hours and years will be implemented which again will reduce the stress on human body and probability of getting diseases from exhaustion:

“Once everyone is employed and all meaningful jobs are being done – we decrease working hours. For instance, if a job requirement is 8 hours, 2 people can do 4 hours each. Also – people don’t have to work for 60 years of their lives – we can go on retirement when we are 30-40. Economist’s Journey to Life blog

In the Equal Money Capitalism we will also have trustworthy research directed towards finding the actual causes of disease and the most effective treatment. Once the drive for profit is removed from the equation a new considerations will emerge. Here, for example, we can finally have some real information about all the chemical substances that we filled this earth with and that is entering our bodies without our awareness in our day to day living. Probably a lot of that information is already known, however, when the information/findings are threatening the profitability of existing corporate powers, it all remains secret through various means of manipulation.


The Rewards

The biggest reward is a healthy human being living high quality life – which will inevitably lead to a longer life as well. Within this transformation we can see that the human mind will finally be able to have some rest, slow down and relax from what we experience now as this rush rush lifestyle that is not allowing humans to notice the richness of life around, as the nature, the animals and everything else that we are not yet aware of. So by getting to know everything around us as this physical reality we will get to know ourselves as we are all made from the same physical substance. So this opportunity to develop intimate relationship with our bodies will bring harmony between all parts thus eliminating the existence of disease and illness.


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