Day 215: Looking at the Reasons of Why People don’t want to Change

It’s easier to ignore the cries than to respond to them. Our level of education and overall programming since we arrived here on earth has been inadequate to say the least. Also, if you are a person, like me, born in a Christian environment you came here with the ingrained belief that you are a sinner and somehow flawed and where because of that God had to send his son to die for your sins. I mean what the hell is that for a little child that comes into this world. So all this luggage of guilt on one’s back combined with poor education, first by parent and later at school, produced inferior people unable to think for themselves and unable to consider MORE.

The MORE that I talk about here is the change, the possibility/opportunity of Real change. Throughout my life I haven’t encountered in my environment people that would consider a change at the fundamental level of our existence. Yes here and there you see people desiring to change – some want to stop bad habits, some seek to improve their weaknesses, and some have also bigger dreams like changing the world through prayer and meditation, which of course is a perfect excuse to remain the same by putting that restless soul at peace telling self that one is doing something beneficial and all that despite long history of evidence that no prayer has ever been answered and no amount of meditations has fed the starving.

So then what is Real Change then? Real change begins by stepping out of one’s programming where in this one can already see that this world runs on systematic programs that we all participate in, blindly believing that this is all that we are and nothing else exist beyond that. The system that “I Am” cannot consider anything beyond the preprogrammed design and doesn’t really want to, especially if the design that “I Am” and programs I run by are still up to date and I can still participate in this capitalist system getting the little share of the pie that provides with basic necessities and some extra experiences to make me feel alive and kicking.

So far observing humanity and the patterns we live by it is rather obvious that we require some shit first to happen before we even consider something else in any way. When the program runs smoothly there are no concerns and no questions asked– the Downs of life we accept as normal part of existence and we get the best pleasure from the few positive moments that we create for ourselves in our daily existence. Whether it is the evenings by the TV watching sport channel and drinking bear with your buddies, or some part of a relationship that we enjoy, or the life of party all night long, or sex with the strangers – I mean there must be those little moments in everyone’s life that nobody wants to give up and so consider Real Change because this might require one to give away these activities as they are clearly not supportive/beneficial considering the bigger picture of this reality.

More traps that we fall into in order to not change I will discuss in my next blog

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