Day 217: Big Pharma Big Problem

Big pharma is as we know huge part of the current system and determines in many ways the quality of human living. It’s a multibillion business claiming to work for the betterment of human experience here on earth.

Pharmaceutical companies, it seems should have a bigger sense of responsibility as by the virtue of their work they are the ones that determine in many cases who lives and who dies. Yet by looking at the patterns of how they are doing business it’s obvious that the principle goals are no different as in any other corporation, which is to produce, at any cost, the maximum profit to the owners /shareholders of these corporations by targeting and sucking dry as much as possible those that possess money while ignoring the scream of those truly in need. So we really have some issues to deal with:

The problem

  • No Interest without Profit – Tropical diseases

The problem is the starting point of pharmaceutical companies where the only driving power behind all decisions is how to make most profit. In this formula only humans with money are considered while the rest of population has to find other means of staying healthy and alive. The best example of this are the poor countries with the so called tropical diseases which are not being addressed due to low profitability for the corporations. The market is huge when viewing the number of people in need yet only fewer than 1% of new drugs developed in recent years were addressing the tropical diseases just because the people that need these medicines do not have enough money to make the corporations interested.

  • Patenting of resources that many people depend on

Pharmaceutical companies have become so big that they are now a power to be reckoned with and with the resources they possess they are able to threaten the governments of developing countries to monopolize and so determine the price on most essential medicaments that people require to live. With prices being high not many people can afford the medicines and have to look for an alternative which is not easily available as the corporations ensured that not only medicines are patented but also the plants from which they are made. They even claim the knowledge which comes from traditions of indigenous people about plants and healing.

  • Selling products that are withdrawn in the West

Because the corporations can avoid accountability for their actions and consequences in the third world countries they use these countries as a dumping ground to sell medicament that are illegal in the west. So it’s clear that these medicaments pose great risk to people. They also influence people, through various techniques, to buy medicaments that are inappropriate or unnecessary for specific diseases. As these  medicament are relatively high for local people they have to make a choice between various foodstuffs and medicament which as a consequences creates malnutrition.

The Solution

Considering that one of the biggest causes of disease is the lack of access to necessary resources to ensure proper nourishment of the human body that will be immediately addressed within Equal Money Capitalism by giving access to everyone by means of full employment.

Day 164: Equal Money Capitalism – Preparing the Road for Change

The best solution is of course working towards prevention of all disease by ensuring that all the causes, that lead us into the hands of becoming dependent on drugs, are removed or diminished as much as possible. Surely that will be a slow process where we first have to do a proper research and provide sufficient education to all humans about the ways to lead a harmonious life in equality and oneness with the physical body.


Is the end of suffering of humanity and where we, as those who are relatively provided in the system, will no longer have to hide in shame that we are not doing anything to stop the atrocities that are existing with our silent consent.

Healthcare and people that are part of healthcare will change. People will be caring and real as they will no longer join this industry out of calculated returns but will join because they are truly interested in how it is possible to improve the health of humans.

Another cool reward that is a bit further in the future which is to see what is possible when we remove disease from this reality and truly expand ourselves constructively into the potential of this planet earth and humanity. Who knows what is possible when the progress is not held back by fear and uncertainty but driven by curiosity on a stable foundation that Equal Money Capitalism provides.


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