Day 219: Who educates our Children: Sexuality

The youth of today seems to be farther and farther separated from this physical reality than any generation before that. This can observed everywhere and it’s really sad that we as humanity are not learning to predict and correct our reality when all the signs are here to be investigated and understood.

It’s all about the values we imprint on our children as parents that determine the outcome of what this world will become. But do we have any real values left and do we know and understand the importance of actually having to put the necessary effort to teach our children to become integral beings of this reality. It’s seems we are more and more abdicating this responsibility and simply leaving our kids to themselves to learn from what is already here not realizing that what is here is so fucked up that a child has no chance to become a dignified human being without deliberate intervention.

If we are the type of parent that simply leaves the kids on their own to learn about this reality from the TV screens, Internet and other influences without understanding the dangers that exist there, we can, in a rather specific accuracy, predict the future lives of our children.

What is the prediction about child’s development in regards to Sex and Sexuality?

One of the major factors determining child’s relationship with self and this reality is finding out and learning about sex and sexuality, it will determine whether a child will form supportive relationships in the future or just gonna roam around without understanding why it is that he’s unable to settle for anything and why there is the seeking for more and more stimulation with different partners or why the addiction to the alternate reality in the world of pornography and masturbation.

Only now the consequences of highly distorted sexuality is becoming apparent and ever more pervasive in our society. Having created this “fast fix” society we are failing to bring forth the realization of how the real physical reality operates. We are failing to convene to our children the importance of time and space in the process of creation here in the physical. So if we take relationship between to human beings we can see that any formation of effective relationship requires time and effort from all parties where in this through time we get to know each other, we get to know each other’s strengths and weakness and within that finding the ways of how best to interrelate and coexist and support each other to become better, more caring human beings.

But now this whole process has become for so many too much of a hassle when there are ways to get what one wants in a fast, push of a button, manner. So why bother going all this way when “the same” can be achieved instantly. Here the epidemic of masturbation comes in. The endless supply of pornographic material has spiked the imaginations of youngsters where the actual physical reality has lost its taste and doesn’t compare what is possible in the world of imagination. In the word of fantasy we can be anyone we want, we can have sex with multiple partner and in multiple ways without anybody suspecting what is truly happening in the secret mind of the MASTER-bator.

And one of the biggest problems is that not many beings realize and understand that masturbation and pornography is a problem and even less people realize the true consequences that manifest through participating and continuing on this path of addictive behavior.

Yet the reality of that is slowly creeping in on us through more and more stories in the newspapers of children acting out their fantasies in the real world and that is surprisingly baffling the minds of grownups while all the while this could have been easily predicted.

Here you can find series of interviews where the full exploration and presentation of why and how masturbation exists in this reality, as well as find out about the solutions that will ensure the outcome that is best for self and for all.

Shocking Secrets of Masturbation – Introduction

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One comment on “Day 219: Who educates our Children: Sexuality

  1. Really cool point here that shows how programming is predictable and predictive, and that we can thus -through understanding how programming functions- use it to bring forth real change, a new way of life, a new way of parenting, development, progress, that is based on Life as the actual Value, that will predictably bring forth an existence where Life is honored and all life is equally supported.
    Thanks for sharing!

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