Day 228: Ignoring Politics is not a Solution

Today I was listening to an interview made by Anu “The Reptilians’ Involvement in the Hierarchy of the World – Part 125”where he was giving perspective on how we divide our reality into hierarchy and into things we like and don’t like. The main point of this was to show that it is essential to go and look specifically at that which we resist/don’t like as this is the key in ending the programmed separation that we exist in and as.

By being programmed to like only certain things we avoid a big chuck of reality thus never getting the whole picture of what is really going on. In my personal case politics is one of those things that I was given up on, deciding within myself that there is no way I can or want to learn that type of language that is being used there, which I could not hear or understand in any way.

Now I realize that such division of people could have been done deliberately so that we would have only half-beings in this world that have no real power as the real understanding of how reality functions and how change thus can be achieved. All the successful people of this world system are not interested in change because the system works very well for them – but then who are the ones that decide upon the direction of where our world system is going? Exactly, the same successful ones. Thus, with this understanding, it is now clear that we cannot expect the current system to assist us in getting the full picture of this reality and it’s absolutely up to each one of us to find the willingness to investigate ALL things and keep that which is good and discard everything that does not function in the best interest of Life.

So it’s cool to make for oneself a list of things that are liked and disliked and within that simply make sure that the side of the list that says “I don’t like” is no longer neglected  but is incorporated equally within one’s life.

For me being Politics and Economics the first things coming up in the mind as something I am not looking forward to in exploring I make within myself the decision to study and investigate exactly that.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist reading and investigating the political issues of this reality where I am STILL holding on to the believe that such topics are for grownups only, even now when I have reached the age that I deem to be as an adulthood, and thus revealing to myself that I haven’t truly matured as in recognizing my responsibility to become a real participant of the system that I live in

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give away my responsibility to be equal participant in deciding how this reality functions to the perceived authorities because throughout the years I was led to believe that I cannot stand equal to the powers “above” and have so I have to make peace with what I have and who I am

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not question the integral believe system which says that there are haves and have not’s in this reality and that that’s the only way it can be, that’s the reality boy

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to by accepting this believe as absolute truth direct all my attention towards my little world of self-interest and try to have the best life I can never giving a second thought about the existence of practical possibilities of standing within this system to produce any change towards the betterment of life for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that real changes are made only in the political arena where the rules and regulations are produced and are determining the relationships of people with each other and the world as a whole

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that whatever I do in this system I am always subject to laws enforced by politicians and as these laws are only created to defend the wealth of the rich I am always supporting this agenda just by living in this system and thus until these laws change to support all beings equally no real change is possible

Thus I commit myself, as the realization that politics is the only way to create substantial change, to educate myself about how the politics work

I commit myself to stop the belief that I am not created for politics and recreate myself within the principle of becoming a being that acts always in the best interest of all no matter what needs to be done

I commit myself to read daily the news and no longer allow myself to skip all the articles that deal with politics

I commit myself to stop disregarding any political article as soon as I encounter first set of unknown terms and definitions and so push myself to expand my vocabulary and understand about the crucial parts of my existence


Visit the new Desteni I Process Litecourse that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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