Day 229: Patterns of Self-disempowerment

I saw an interesting point yesterday when being on one of my usual airplane flights between the countries. I never felt comfortable flying these things and every landing or take off creates some movement of anxiety within me. As I have to fly very often up and down from work this anxiety became my constant companion which I accepted as normal part of my journey.

Yesterday, however for a moment, during the time when we were going for a landing I suddenly completely relaxed and allowed myself to let go my usual fear and anxiety and simply enjoyed the night scenery of the city lights through the window. Immediately after that the thoughts came up “no, that is wrong, something wrong, does that mean we will crash now?” – lol, so that nicely shows how I have become accustomed to my fear as the way to exist and in this even began to trust it, because I mean so far it worked and I was always getting through alive in one piece, not realizing the absolute absurdity of this whole belief system.

Then from here, seeing this type of pattern, I can go further and expand into other areas of my life. For example the concept of failure as the wholly encompassing experience within all areas of my existence. It is another constant companion that is introduced to all human beings since day one, as this absurd claim that we come into this world with original sin and have to repent and try to correct ourselves during our time here on earth.

And the thought of removing this fallacy to be able to stand in this reality, without the inner voice telling how faulty we are is considered an atrocity. If we dare however to clear ourselves of this, then we remove the ingrained inferiority and we stand as equals to the creator himself, finally, in the true image and likeness as it is claimed. And here again the fear and anxiety sets in as seeing our responsibility for what has been allowed through our allowance and acceptance within our submission, as believing to be inferior, to the whole system. A lot of damage has been done to this planet in our name and we stood only as the powerless spectators, fooled by multitude of belief systems, existing in fear to ever step in and participate as equals.

So here is just to illustrate the point of our companionship with different belief systems that we allow within ourselves to direct how we feel, act and move in this reality.

So by allowing common sense to enter our minds to remove the unreasonable and unnecessary obstacles from our practical living path we can become much more aware and considerate human beings. I mean is it necessary to participate in fear and anxiety when flying an airplane as if that has any influence to the outcome, or is it necessary to believe that we are bad and faulty because off/if something that happened  before we were born into this world. Of course not and but instead we can ensure that who we are here and now is in the process of self-creation with the realization that, yes, we messed up but now we are willing to correct ourselves and find new ways of coexistence that will be beneficial for All.

That’s why self-forgiveness is such a wonderful tool to let go of our past programming and start with a clean slate. The how to achieve this specifically see links below


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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