Day 230: Vegetarian Myth and the Destruction of Earth


Being a vegetarian from the starting point of refusing to eat meat in order to stop supporting the industry of death is just a pure laziness to actually stand up from this self-infused feeling of doing something right and do a proper research on what the hell is really going on.

Sorry to say, but a bit more is required if one wants to manifest some real change and everything starts with self-education.

The first step is where the most stumble and never go beyond is what they already believe to be true. It’s the open mind where one can allow oneself to admit that, maybe, I don’t yet have all the answers. And it’s important to not only look for the information that will confirms one’s believes but to challenge self to look at all possible dimensions of all the matters in our existence and so embark in the most thorough investigation.

I enjoyed reading a book by Lierre Keith called “The Vegetarian Myth” where she made extensive research showing and revealing the destructive patterns that we have accepted and allowed as human beings. In that it is clear that we are moving towards obvious and certain self-destruction creating more and more separation from the physical natural laws of the earth. All the solutions we have attempted so far don’t bring any results, in many cases, they create more problems than they solve. Vegetarianism is one of those points that looks benevolent until you get to see what hides beyond the veil.

So reading the book it became clear that we, already, at this very moment, find ourselves in big trouble. For centuries without much understanding we have been destroying all parts of earth that are essential for our survival,. But more troubling is that even now, when all the prove is right here in our face, we still close our eyes refusing to hear the call for change and action. We hold on to our beliefs finding multiple excuses and justification of apparently doing something while not taking all facts into consideration, which is a problem.

How we destroy the earth and feel good about it

The extinction of all useable natural soil is something every vegetarian and any other being must become aware of as a fact that’s not really been taken into consideration. Within this we require the recognition that not only humans, animals and other creatures that have human like qualities are living beings. That also includes billions of creatures existing all around us, visible and invisible to our eyes. Just by taking a handful of soil there are enormous amount of living organisms that we do not count as such and gladly agree to destroy in order to satisfy our illusions of apparently living without killing. So if we just quickly look at the farming as the suggested solution to the world problems, I’ll give a quote by Richard Manning just to give you idea about what farming is:

“Farming the process of ripping that niche open again and again. It is an annual artificial catastrophe and it requires the equivalent of three or four tones of TNT per acre for a modern American farm. Iowa’s fields require energy of 4000 Nagasaki bombs every year.”

So, maybe that gives you some idea at what cost our modern foods comes to our table. There are much more to it that we have never considered and unfortunately this is not explained neither at schools nor even the labels on the food items that we buy.

So just to wrap it up the only things that sustains farming is fossil fuel as the only fertilizer that can still keep the dead soil producing the food. How long that will last I cannot say but experts don’t give very optimistic views given the rates of our consumption.

Do we have Solutions?

Equal Money Capitalism (EMC) is our best chance to tackle the problem in time. Environmental abuse is a multidimensional problem and needs to be taken care from many angles at once. We have to work all together at restoring that which we have been carelessly destroying for ages and in this endeavor everyone need to take active role.

“Within EMC, each company will have an Environmental Department that ensures that what is taken from the Earth, either in the use of resources, or in terms of pollution, is given back or rectified as much as possible. These departments will create a large amount of meaningful jobs.” – Economist’s Journey To Life

Once the profit motive is removed from the equation we can have finally our science to concentrate on things that truly matter and not only do the research with the supporting hand of those with money directed towards “the science of keeping that money safe and producing more of it”

As to know exactly what the research will be directed towards and what is available in the current technological advancements is hard to know. Most is hidden from public and used in space explorations or military improvements. So basically we can say that:

“Different ways will have to be considered in terms of what additional tools can be used as to minimize harmful effects of agriculture on the land, air and ocean — a holistic view will have to be applied.” – Economist’s Journey To Life

Rewards that will come in time when we truly start considering our environment through responsible actions will be many and the most important perhaps is that we can save the planet for our children to come here and enjoy the time that is given to each of us.
I am quite sure that many more opportunities that we cannot at this time imagine will open up when the balance of earth and humans within it is restored.
The way we live in today’s world is that within every next step that we make we think and worry about our survival – do we have enough money to live until next month? Next year? Will my children be provided? etc. Once EMC is established and the worry is removed from our thoughts then with each step that we make we can consider the very spot where we place our feet and so begin our reconnection with earth and soil where billions of other living beings reside but are currently unseen as we are so busy in our minds.


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    Hi Arvy – please include, an An Academic’s Journey to Life
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