Day 231: Lifeless intellect

It’s been an interesting experience to read up the ongoing conversations on the social network Quora, which is mostly a meeting place of well-read individuals interested in various topics of worldly matters. One thing that came clear of my time spent there is that intellect and knowledge might become and actually is a huge hindrance in having the ability to think and see the wider picture of reality. One would expect that people, who have received a decent education and who have been exposed widely to issues and problems we face as humanity around the globe, to be able to see the most simplistic solution that we presented as a group, which is the solution of Equal Money System as a straightforward way to address the lack that so many our fellow human beings are experiencing right this very moment around the world. Yet despite the simplicity of the message we were faced with resistance and later even attacks.

It was amazing to watch how human beings were turning, one after the other, into nasty haters towards our group without having done any research or investigation, but purely relying on others opinions from the comments alone, or sometimes a quick glance at our webpage, which actually contains thousands of various articles, videos, interviews etc. None of that was researched and everyone just jumped into the present energy that was created by the nastiest ones. At one point I began to react towards all the nasty comments that were deliberately written to humiliate and demean the message and the individuals presenting the message. The so called intellectual beings began to use their skills and knowledge to construct and design messages, using clever techniques, to scare, inflict fear, and by all means to diminish that which we represented. I was astounded at how quickly people can become influenced by unfounded messages of hate and fear and turn into a very cruel mob. All the previously observed politeness was out the window and the true nature began to show itself.

Yes, that is actually the power of the message that we represent, EQUALITY – you see growing and evolving in this system we have become separate as we have used our minds to define ourselves as better or less according to levels of intellect and knowledge that we have accumulated. Within that we created various personalities/characters and that became who we are. So, now in the face of being presented with the simplicity of physical EQUALITY as our only common/basic source of who we are beneath all the fake knowledge and information, all these characters felt threatened because they know that what they are is not in the best interest of the physical life. It is more so when we present this message to those that are on the positive side, those who have a position in the system and have secured their lives with sufficient money in their bank accounts. They will do all that is in their power to protect that position and money and protect the mind characters that made it possible to accumulate that wealth completely disregarding the interconnectedness of the whole system and the fact that one’s wealth means another’s suffering.

It’s astonishing how we have to find new ways to present this simple truth that is so obvious once the knowledge, with which we became indoctrinated, is put aside for a moment. However, it became also rather obvious that people do understand this at some level because I mean there are no genuine arguments possible against this simple truth and so the defenders of these characters, still feeling the need to continue their case will come up with various crazy thoughts and justifications which don’t make much sense. Sure they must be able to see that themselves, I mean common on.
What happens next, as these senseless arguments run out, the pretenders must resort to other tactics and that’s where nastiness begins. Any and all information will be used, to diminish the message. Here personal attacks begin, overlooking the message itself, as if by diminishing the messenger the message becomes less. It’s like really trying to fool oneself. So yeah Jesus with his message of “love thy neighbor as thyself” which is the same message of equality must have had some difficult time here on earth.

All in all this whole experience was a good lesson to stop the existence of judgment as I can see now that there are beings roaming this earth that are quite skillful in presenting their agenda and influencing others with it. And it also showed the importance in doing self-investigation whatever one encounters in one’s reality because otherwise the design of the traps, when one decides to take shortcuts, might just get one without one’s awareness – and for what the consequences might be dearly. So, always Investigate all things and keep that which is good (best for all)


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