Day 233: Let’s work together instead of fighting each other

“Let’s work together instead of fighting each other” these are the words of a young man who made a vlog on YouTube sharing his realizations and experiences he made in this life.

I had to remind myself for the last couple of days of this simple truth when I was participating in my mind having nasty, competitive thoughts towards my colleague at work. There is this ingrained mentality within the mind that “it’s either me or him” as we’ve been educated into believing that this system can only exist within the principle of there being winners and losers. On this foundation most of us had the supportive lot as family, teachers, friends in our lives that encouraged us to become winners whether we were consciously aware of that or not. How good we learned our lessons was up to each of us. Did we prepare ourselves effectively to be ready to step on the heads of our fellow being or is there something still sparkling within us making us to realize that there must be another way to live.

Just to go for a moment into my mind when I found myself participating in this competition construct I saw the actual complexity of my mind in being able to search and find for ways to come out as a winner. There were so many little moments, seemingly innocent and justified, yet all coming from the same starting point to find fault in another or to show self as superior. I became disgusted with myself and every time I caught myself I would bring myself back to breath and remove the intention and the actions that were to follow. I kept guessing whether the other persons had the same attitude and intentions towards me, as if the confirmation of that would justify my actions, yet again here I had to catch myself and remind that it’s not about another but who I am here.

So basically I have seen how much awareness is required to direct each moment, as when the power is given to the automatic mind, everything immediately goes according to “normal’ pattern of survival/winning. This then shows that I haven’t yet programmed myself to unconditionally stand within the principle of life as “give to another that which you would like for yourself”

The Solution

It’s rather obvious that within the current system, where every single day more and more people are losing within the game of life and literally die when and as they lose their jobs and sources of income, any change and real consideration is highly improbable. Here we require the removal of this deep fear – which is exactly the purpose of Equal Money Capitalism. Equal Money Capitalism will ensure that each has the basic life support guaranteed as the inborn right. For that to happen we already require to put some time aside and study the basics of how the system function and how to bring that change forward, until it’s too late. I mean for many it is already too late, but here I speak directly to the one able to read this and also reminding myself over and over – that time is running out, and we cannot remain hoping that things will get better. They never did. So it’s very fortunate that we found the Real Solution but at the same time unfortunate that not many are able to hear it.


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