235: A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds.


“A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

So here we are not talking about consistency but about the foolish consistency which in other words can be expressed as blind and automatic consistency or patterns according to which we live our everyday lives.

Consistency in the normal terms is an amazing tool and even a law by which things are moved and accomplished in this reality. The physical world moves in time and space and within that having and utilizing Consistency one can achieve many great things. Being consistent in one’s application when and as wanting to achieve certain goals is an invaluable tool. It works according to the most simplistic equation of 1+1=2. It’s down to earth, simplistic, basic – exactly the way things work in the physical reality. It represents the physical action and as we are physical beings living in the physical reality we utilize this law all the time where we aware of it or not. Just take the example of driving a car where through consistent application we have imprinted this ability deep into ourselves where we no longer require to even think about it, we just do it. And so we have automated in this manner most of our living as the shortcut to get us through the complexity of the modern day life. We don’t have to think anymore, all our responses have ben automated according to the consistencies that were most appealing, repetitive and most importantly the ones that were programmed into us from the early age by our parents at home.

Where is the problem in all of this?

The problem is the world as it is. We can all see that we are in quite some trouble at the moment within all areas of human existence. We are basically going down the hill and now it should already start becoming obvious that this is the byproduct of our consistent programming we received, live by and continue to spread and perpetuate upon further generations. And even though we understand there is a problem we find ourselves unable to change because the way we exist is already so automatic and so deeply ingrained into the flesh through this process of consistency that we are ready to destroy anyone who dares to propose a change to our way of living.

In this it is crucial to understand that it took time to come to the place where we are and who we are thus it will require time to implement change as the change is accomplished within the same principle of consistency. Here we face enormous challenge as we not only have to overcome our deeply seated programming but we also have some very big guys fighting for the status quo. What I am taking about here is that there are people in this reality that understand in specific detail how the mind of ordinary human functions and how to make sure that we receive very consistent messages that promote fear, happiness, love, hope and all other such things directed towards us for the single purpose – to distract us from the real problems. So we are constantly and consistently bombarded with disinformation ensuring we do not get to something that can really change our minds and thus threaten the existence of those who are benefiting from how things are at the moment.

What is the Solution?

First of all the realization that we have designed and keep redesigning ourselves by putting incorrect data into ourselves and that’s why the outcome is what it is – A World of Fear and Uncertainty.

Here then it is crucial to educate ourselves on all the ways and methods that are utilized by us and against us to keep our faulty programs running. Allowing ourselves to admit, that most of what we have learned and understood is false, will open the mind for new information to enter. Here I would suggest reading a book by Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” where he put together an extensive research about the fundamental psychological principles that are influencing our behavior every step of the way. “The principles—consistency, reciprocation, social proof, authority, liking, and scarcity—are each discussed in terms of their function in the society and in terms of how their enormous force can be commissioned by a compliance professional who deftly incorporates them into requests for purchases, donations, concessions, votes, assent, etc.”
Also the series of documentaries called “The Century of Self” is another source of information that will assist one to see how the current system came to be. Visit Facebook page “relevant documentaries” to find more supportive material.

From here having realized the extent of problem it should be easier to work towards the solution as the necessity to act/change should become obvious. It all begins with us, because it is our inner reality that reflects/creates the outer. So by taking full responsibility each for ourselves, for all the thoughts, all reactions, judgments, points of blame, fears etc. we will start standing up and declaring what we will accept and allow in this reality and what not. Desteni within that is the meeting place, the platform where we unite and move as one and equal towards the desired, agreed upon goals that are best for All. Join us


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