Day 236: Weapons of Influence: Obedience to Authority


The best place to start is at birth and growing up in a family with, usually, two figures of authority: mommy and daddy. So, throughout this period we are expected to understand one thing – these two guys must be obeyed. We quickly learn the methods of reward and punishment – and so it becomes the platform upon which be build our character that we live in and as, throughout the rest of our lives, strongly believing it’s the only way to be. Shame.

As we grow older our parents disappear from this picture yet the foundation as who we have become continues and here we find new players, new figures of authority like our employers, judges, doctors, government leaders that must be obeyed. If we did exceptionally well in this game of following authority and copying the whole methodology behind it we might create our own followers, getting into positions of authority ourselves. But of course that is minority – the system ensures that. After all it is necessary to have many slaves for the few to enjoy this life experience. I mean most do not have this opportunity to become anything in this system from the beginning as most are born into bondage just to serve the select few – but that’s normal, always was and always shall be – isn’t it? Please remind me what other justifications we use for the existence of inequality

I remember the shock I experienced when this believe of trusting blindly the accepted authorities was challenged when I saw the true face of those by whom my life was being influenced and determined. I had a friend who went into politics and this is where I had my insight into this canny world. So to make it short, I was absolutely disgusted at the level of inconsideration, insensitivity of those people towards the common man. That’s where I realized that nobody gives a shit about my or the wellbeing of others. From here my journey of bitter truth began and expanded into all other areas of our social live, where I proved to myself again and again that everyone is watching only after their own ass.

Of course I was angry at the authority for fooling and exploiting the populous, yet my anger was no less towards those who were being exploited – I started seeing it everywhere, I was amazed how people suddenly change in the presence of authority. The body movement, voice tonality, overall behavior would shift and here we have an activated child ready to receive the reward or punishment from the parent. Just researching Milgram’s experiment one can see into how much trouble we got ourselves. We do it so blindly that we sacrifice our lives and of those that we hold dear. I recently watched a documentary on psychiatry and the drug industry just to scare myself, again, at the level of ignorance and the seriousness of consequence thereof. It appears that only when faced with huge loss we are able to start questioning our leaders about the validity of their authority that we willingly provided to them.

It’s about time to realize that there is no one out there taking care of us and thus it’s our own responsibility to take care of ourselves, first by understanding the processes of how we have and still are falling for the same traps over and over. And once that is realized to apply the corrections that would benefit ourselves and all life on earth. We are all here together on this earth so let’s work together instead of fighting each other. After all we are the all same – with the same basic needs and bound by the same physical laws. And one of these laws states, as revealed many years ago by the guy named Jesus, GIVE AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE. We have repeated this statement in our books and in our minds, but now it’s time to LIVE it.

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