Day 238: Revisiting and Assessing my Decisions

Here I have to disappoint myself and at the same time face myself in reality. It feels good when I make a decision, that is best for me and best for all, and begin following that decision – yet the real test is following through with this decision in time and proving to self that nothing that stands in the way will affect my walking that decision into manifested reality.

Many things happened for me and my decisions that I have made didn’t stand the test of time. Now the tendency is to fall into guilt and experiences of regret for having wasted the time instead of, within the same moment of having made this reality assessment and seeing the accepted and allowed faults, correcting, in one breath, and reconstituting the decision with necessary practical alignments and walking without looking back and beating self up for what’s already done.

The experience of guilt is a very comfortable cop out tool to not take responsibility for the mistakes. I mean here we have an amazing tool of self-forgiveness which completely removes any need for guilt experience. Thus whenever I find myself participating in guilt character – what do I know – I am postponing my process. What it is that I am not willing to give up and walk forward?

The desires standing on my way are known to me as well as are the tools to remove them from my path, thus there is nothing else that can be said. I have run out of justifications and here I sit in silence with only myself, knowing that only I can decide – what it’s gonna be from here? The life of the past or a new life, as self-directive, self-disciplined movement?

I am grateful for people walking the 7 Year Journey To Life for standing as the examples of discipline, self-dedication and commitment to walk day in and day out the decisions they made without justifications or complaining about the inconveniences and hardships that do get in the way to remaining committed to these decisions. So , thank you


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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