Day 241: Negativity – Run your ass off !!!


There are parts of me that I do not like and I know for a fact that they are standing in my way to becoming a better being. Yet instead of going directly to the source of the problem there is a tendency to ignore the negative and concentrate or sometimes fully embody myself into acts of positive nature just to run away from the negative.

Throughout my life I utilized the tactics of running away from the negative where I would try to foresee the negative consequences before they would manifest. That was especially the case when I used to live abroad in different places with different people. I enjoyed having good relationships and good atmosphere and tried to maintain that for as long as possible. If, however, I could see that the relationships or the environment is destabilizing and there will be some shit around I would simply pack my bags and flee.

During this period I placed quite a lot of attention on my dreams where most of the times I could see rather correct future predictions/play outs. So with this tool on my hands I would watch for signs that would tell me when it’s time to leave the place and move on. My motto was to leave when everything is still in the positive and that’s what I always did. In these moments the separation with the place and people was difficult because I was in the positive polarity.

Somehow at that time I didn’t see or understand the nature of the world that we live in, where know I have seen that positive and negative are both interconnected and cannot exist without each other. I believed that it is possible to exist only in the positive polarity and that’s what I tried to achieve, I tried to create positivity wherever I go. OK so that was quite a self-delusion as I see it now, because when I look back now more specifically I can see that the negativity was always there – behind the scenes, in my own mind. And I mean it was perhaps like 99% of the time- lol. Of course I suffered it alone in the depths of my mind and would just present the cool guy to the outside world.

Somehow the mind, after all is gone, would cling to the positive moments, remembering how cool and nice it was in some particular place. But that is not the reality. There was always my backchat about other people, the secret mind that was judgmental, hateful, spiteful, angry etc. So yes my life was always lived as Bipolar disorder. The negative was suppressed deep within showing itself in dreams, which I would interpret as a sign that it’s time to flee.

You can Run but you can’t Hide

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