Day 243: I am just a Visitor Here

imagesBoy I used this statement throughout my life when facing situations that made me feel not so good. This was like a perfect self-comforting affirmation implying that whatever I am experiencing is not actually real, it’s not me or mine, I mean, I am just a guest in this God forsaken place and as soon as I find the keys to get out of here bye bye everyone, I have learned my lessons, got to go now. It wasn’t that much of -we are ALL visitors but more like I am visitor and maybe few others that I liked, some of my friends that shared my believes at that time. So yes this is the level of delusion that is possible to be reached. Talking about conquering the Everest – I’ve been there.
Currently I am in the process of walking down from the mountains of self-delusion and grounding myself back to where I came from where in this I keep uncovering the reality of MY place and where I am learning to actually participate and interact with my reality rather than claiming myself to be a visitor. It is so easy to exist in this type of ignorance shunning away all responsibility yet hard at the same time. It’s easy only when one has the necessary resources – MONEY – to exist in this character, which mostly is either from some rich relatives or maybe from deluded followers, given that you’ve managed to reach another level of self-delusion where you spread now the disease and get money for that. The world system loves such good doers as they take the minds away from real problems of this reality and put them in the clouds to worry about things that do no matter, things that are not based in matter but based on the invisible substance like thought, believe, faith – energy basically.
Nobody stops to ever consider but how is energy created, what is the source of energy or what it is in the first place?
I for sure wasn’t interested in such questions, it never entered my field of awareness. Actually I was avoiding everyone and everything that might have challenged my chosen believes and the chosen lifestyle. Don’t I have, after all, a free choice to choose what my heart desires? I wanted free energy to exist but eventually I couldn’t ignore any longer the fact that nothing is free. Whatever I do here is always affecting someone or something somewhere. Every starving child in this reality is in this condition because of me. It took time and balls to understand and accept that, yet it has to be done by each in order to start changing our HOME into a place that is best for All.
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