Day 245: True Grit and Happiness


We humans have become unable to see and seek long-term goals of true happiness but became absolutely possessed about achieving instant/short-term gratifications that we have made to be the goal of our lives. And this happens at a cost which we will find and realize only in the long-term, and which, as I just wrote, we are so far unable to see. Ok, I mean we ARE able to see with our physical eyes by just looking at factual data that is available and is depicting, specifically, all self-destructive ways in which we exist, but we are not able to understand the true implications of that information as we are so unwilling to let go of that desire to get the quick fix, to get our pleasurable experiences. We are desperate to get them because most of the time we exist in agony.
Drink a bottle of beer and whatever issue you are dealing with will just disappear, you can relax your mind for a moment (weekends ring a bell?). Yes, for a moment as it returns in another moment tenfold and so you need another bottle to continue the exponentially growing cycle. Then your liver fails. Oops, In that case it’s then not seeing the long-term effect/consequences but experiencing them, which in many ways is already too late, the damage is already done and some things cannot be reversed.
So where did we become such brainwashed weaklings unable to see the obvious? Haven’t our responsible parents explain the rules of this physical reality and how everything functions when we were born? Isn’t that the first thing to teach the child?
There is no proof that they did. Then perhaps our parents are not really responsible beings? Maybe they were drinking away or suppressing their problems in other ways and have never dealt with them and simply transferred all that to further generations to hopefully for them to sort things out?
We have been running too long from our problems and in this way abdicating all the responsibility to our automatic mind systems of management and we can no longer view and assess our reality in common sense consideration. Critical thinking skills have been left behind and lost through parenting and ineffective schooling systems that only aim to produce obedient slaves to the world system, which only a few can understand and benefit from.
We have become so weak and helpless that there is no more vigor and grit left within us to seek solutions and so we became complacent and content with only little/ short-term feel good experiences that the system provides for us by our own desire.


After all that’s been done to us by our unaware predecessors we still have to stop ourselves from continuing within the same cycles of self-destruction and in this find ways to develop and nourish within ourselves the TRUE GRIT.

‘True gritters’ show perseverance, tenacity, ‘perseverance and passion for long-term goals’, and are tenacious, not easily distracted and not discouraged by setbacks. – From an article in daily news

So here the inner strength is important as within this journey of change we have to go against years and years of programming that we have accepted and allowed and actually have become. Still I am sure, as I am sure about myself, that within most people there is still a spark of life burning and calling to take action in the name of what is best for all.
The realization in this is important – that we have absolutely nothing to lose by moving towards change apart from the illusion that we call living. In this stupidity of action is inadvisable as I am sure many would like to resort upon starting to see and understand the nature of the problems we face. In this case I am afraid the principle of homeopathy will not work and stupidity will not cure stupidity. For once we must become mature and realize the true actions that need to be taken for the change to become a reality. We’ve been taking the easy way out forever and the good thing about that is that now we know that it doesn’t work and different approach is required.

“Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil doer; Nothing more difficult than understanding him.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

There is a process that takes many years of self-commitment through self-education where all pieces of self are taken apart and explored in great detail through the realization that only by getting to know ourselves we can understand the reality as a whole and become thus the integral PARTicipant in bringing change through this understanding.


The end of dull “life” and re-establishment of that which truly matters and is the real source of real happiness.


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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