Day 246: Are our Choices Free?

Countless experiments show and revel how we as human can and are influenced by the advertisements that shoot at us from every corner during our waking day. The corporations spend hundreds of thousands perfectly knowing that it will pay off and the product or service or an idea they are pushing will be set into the minds of people who eventually will become believers/customers. For that experienced psychologists are hired that know to the specificity how feelings and emotions function in humans and how and where to place the correct triggers to produce the desired responses.

Now what is interesting within this is that we humans keep claiming the right to have the freedom to choose, not realizing within this that what I mentioned above completely destroys that freedom as our choices are completely determined by the effectiveness of the corporations and their psychologists to influence our minds. When we make our daily decisions countless factors enter the equation in this calculating every variable, every image, every word, every memory that is associated with that specific decision we are looking to make – and here is where our freedom is lost as we are absolutely unaware of all the influences that moves us to make that choice. Our input decides the output and so that’s why the corporations ensure that they control the input by all means scaling the decision formula in our minds towards their desired outcome.

So how come we are allowing the corporations to direct and determine who we are and what is happening to our earth’s resources that these corporations so dearly claim. We find ourselves divided and unable to come all together and decide upon that which is best for us all. Our opinions/views are in contradiction with each other and there is no clear view into the reality of things. While this is happening the time is running out and more and more people are being robbed of all basic human rights – where even water is being privatized and made a commodity rather than being what it is – a freely provided resource by planet earth that belongs equally to all.

So until we allow ourselves to be brainwashed and stripped from common sense where all decisions we make are biased and are not in the interest of all life but supporting certain agendas – we will not become a united majority that we can be.

It is important thus here to finally establish basic points upon which we ALL could agree and stand for. UNITED. What are the basic Human Rights that we can agree upon?

Here is what we are suggesting, CHECK OUT and make your vote
The Equal Life Foundation – Bill of Rights


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