Day 247: Missing Life of Awareness through the Process of Automation

This point of absolute unawareness has been coming more frequently these days where in the newspapers we read stories of crimes committed, even by children, where after the incident people have absolutely no clue what and how it happened. In this a great concern arises as the factor of unpredictability is rapidly increasing and one can only guess when something bad can happen. To understand this phenomenon it’s enough to look at our own lives and see similar instances where we do something without any awareness but purely within automatic mode of movement.

I really became concerned on this topic after one event that happened to me at my house. I was lying comfortably in my bed when I decided to go and get the scissors so that I could cut my nails. I was keeping the scissors always in a specific place on my table. So I stood up from the bed and walked towards the table to get the scissors but to my huge surprise nothing was there. I still kept looking around for a while but eventually I gave up and simply walked back to my bed where to my, another, bigger, surprise I saw the scissors already lying by the pillow. That means only that I have already walked, just now, to the table and got them and have put them on my bed, yet this whole event was done in such an automatic mind state that I couldn’t remember anything. So that gave me quite a huge fright making me think how much more I might be missing but not finding it out as I did now. I even asked myself the question whether one day when the time to die will be close I will “wake up” and see that I have missed my entire life. I mean I hear that a lot from old folks, so is this my faith as well?

So what it is that drives the boat in these instances when we are not here? The automatic Mind as we programmed it in time. Now what determines the programing, the input that is placed into our minds? Everything – the parents from the day we are born, television since we are allowed to spend endless hours in front of it, the knowledge and information of those that’s gone before us in the schools, all the friends and acquaintances that we interact with on a daily basis. So now it’s a matter of coincidence what we are exposed to within our environment – when we are born our parents can be alcoholics having endless fights with each other – already here we can determine/predict what the outcome/life of child born into these circumstances will be, what behavior programs will determine and direct all the choices and decisions of this little being in the future and we can also predict what will the whole life on earth be like, as that child is a part of the whole.

I remember when I had a temporary job as a taxi driver in my town, this was an amazing opportunity to meet people that I normally would never meet as we humans have the tendency to remain within the circle/bubble of people that are alike us. Yet working this job I faced many social groups and in this was my first shock of how some people, and here, especially my emphasis was on children, that had absolutely dysfunctional parents. I was raised in a normal family, having all the necessary support and understanding and also some common sense approaching “life” in general. Yet here I started meeting people with absolutely distorted view on reality and the saddest things is that they had children, who had no choice but to be with those people/parents, learn from them and eventually become like them. Here I am talking mostly about families that were heavily into alcoholism or drugs, or some type of mischievous behavior. I had a few opportunities to interact with those children where they shared with me their experiences and this made me depressed for a while as I didn’t see any solution in sight for how to make sure that these children do not follow in the footsteps of their parents. When I looked into it there was nothing that could be done – there are no appropriate institutions that could determine the quality of specific families and in case of seeing the existent disharmony take the children away and provide with what’s best for them. That doesn’t exist in this system. If the family has some money and if they are not beating the brains out of their children – they are allowed to keep them. I mean they are allowed to give birth in the first place without having any assessment by some professionals of some “quality life assessment for future children agency”. No, don’t have that.

So there are no guarantees that when you come into this earth you will have a sound life, where you will be embraced fully as a new life entering this world to enjoy, express and contribute in your own individual way to this reality.

I mean that’s WHY having faced all that and not seeing any solution in sight, not even seeing that anyone would even talk or be concerned about it, I embraced fully the proposal of Equal Money System where such simple things as QUALITY LIFE would become a Human Right for all.

Who can disagree that an innocent child entering this reality does not deserve to be in the best possible conditions to experience life on earth? There is a following statement in the proposed BILL OF RIGHTS within Equal Money Foundation:

3. An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced with freedom of expression and lived within an environment of creativity and joy so that every Child grows into his or her utmost potential as a unique expression of Life Itself.

We all know that this must become a reality, that there is no excuse for the suffering of children and we have to finally meet and agree on basic points where we all could stand UNITED.


Visit the new “Desteni I Process Lite”course that has been launched recently for all those who are willing to understand,  in practical self-application, the reality of self

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