Day 251: It’s All in the Words we Speak


Upon meting an old friend and communicating with him for a while it was very clear to see how the words he is speaking are actually defining and crystallizing his reality. The long sighs sounded like last breaths of hope and everything was just gloom and doom. Without hesitation I made him aware of how he is using his words and the whole body language to maintain his undesirable state. He saw the point and for the rest of our interaction we were catching and correcting the language to thus reprogram the mind to get a different outcome. We also went back to see where these gloom patterns started to emerge so we could see and understand a little the process of this creation.

So after this little encounter I asked myself where and how I am doing the same in my reality. I mean I am surely not completely satisfied with how my life is progressing in terms of where I want to stand in the system and how I move myself in the process of self-realization. And since then I am starting to see more and more how I am using the words in the same manner as I have seen my friend to do. His case was an extreme one where within me I had to notice more subtle, yet still obvious, forms of self-sabotage.

So the meaning of the words “place a guard in front of your mouth” is becoming more and more clear to me. However the words, as it was found through research, constitute about 7% of total communication while the rest is expressed through other means that also represent who we are in the moment. So in this then the Guard must be placed not only in front of the mouth but in front of all other body parts that communicate what we accept and allow within ourselves.

With some assistance of my partner I became aware of some major patterns within me where through my words I was clearly indicating that I am not changing but maintaining over and over the same constructs of destructive behavior. So there is a lot of work to be done and in this every thought, every movement, every interaction counts.

DIP Lite is a perfect place for all who are willing to begin this type of journey into understanding self in utmost detail and though that to learn how to change oneself for real. The evidence that this can be done and is actually being done on a daily basis by people who are actually applying the presented tools, is clearly seen in 7 year journey To Life blogs.


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