Day 255: Being a Patient and the System of care

The last 6 days I have spent almost entirely being bound to my bed where I am recovering from the surgery of my torn Achilles tendon. The procedure wasn’t complex and normally should have taken just a few days where from there one should gladly jump around on one leg for a few months. There was, however, a slight complication related to the injection of anesthetics and because of that I am experiencing big headache and the only cure is to lie horizontally in my bed, drink lots of water and occasionally take some painkillers. Now, this unfortunate event gave me some time to ponder about the health and healthcare system here, in my native country, and elsewhere around the world.

I mean I did some research and observation before but now I see how important it is to see the system being on this side, meaning being the patient and experiencing the vulnerability in this time of distress and real pain. Looking at everything I have experienced throughout this week I can see that much of resources and human labour was put to deal with the situation, I can see how much care is required to deal with this process effectively to so bring the best conditions for the body to cure itself. And in comparison to most other diseases and trauma this is still only a mild and simple condition. So in other words healthcare is a huge part of our current existence and it needs to be done properly.

Ideally we would want only people around that truly care and understand in detail what a person is going through in the time of disease or trauma, but that is not the case in the current system. Now everything is based on money where the money decides who is taken care of and who and how is doing the care. Lying in the hospital bed and being in pain I could only imagine what millions of people, who are denied the basic healthcare, are going through. Obviously in the current age when all the means to fully assist each other exist this denial of Human Right to healthcare is unacceptable. The justification that there isn’t enough money, when at the same time billions are spent on war, is simply not valid and thus it is our duty to stand up and demand that our fundamental rights would be honored.

This will not happen overnight but with a correct approach it can be achieved. For that purpose Equal Life Foundation has been created where the primary proposal is what is called the “Basic Income Guaranteed” which ensures that all people would have the basic needs covered, including the basic healthcare. With the economic system collapsing daily and more and more people losing all means of safe living it is becoming a matter of urgency to develop the new system. It’s better to not wait until we lose it all and lose the power to make any change but to take action now and prevent unnecessary suffering of which the world is already witnessing more than enough.


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