Day 256: Inflation of Reality: Bodybuilding


Many people I interact with at work are currently hooked on the pursuance of the body image that is big and muscular. It’s the image that has been sold to us through media as something that has bigger value and apparently has a bigger potential to be able to get better experiences in life with. This is also disguised as achieving self-confidence or even become healthier. Either way self is not at peace with how one is and is searching for change and this change is to INFLATE self.

I have been observing these guys and while many don’t go all the way on this quest the struggle is still great. This requires quite a lot of time and money as all the substances required on this journey are rather expensive. There is a whole industry developed around this point where the specificity of products is really amazing. I tried once to find out more about it from one of the guys but the information is really extensive and I got tired from all the names and methods they use to achieve the ever greater inflation of themselves.

The dissatisfaction exists in most people around the world and as many there are methods of self-inflation. The body building is perhaps the most literal example of how we inflate ourselves and it is also closely linked to physical reality while other methods of self-inflation are more mental attempts where we try to become more. The real physical reality is not good anymore, and we go as far as seeing is as being repulsive and disgusting. No one can beat the imagination with which we design the perfect images of what reality should look like. Now Photoshop for example is an amazing tool that we created to alter what is here and make it more appealing to our eyes.

We have imagined and designed, with our magic tools, “great” manifestations of how we would like to look like and now many go on the quest to meet the image in actual reality. The money makers provide with products as substances, coaching, training programs to assist on this great journey that never ends. It really doesn’t end as I have observed in my work mates – it is never enough as there is always a greater image to strive for and then also comes the problem of sustaining what’s already been achieved. Once one stops the training for just a while everything simply deflates, because it is not real but superficially achieved through substances which again are designed probably on the same principle of planned obsolescence as is our whole economy. The profiteers in our society ensure that their product would be needed on a constant basis and not something that can last and is of quality. It’s the way our economy is designed now and how it has to move to survive, keeping the money supply flowing. So we can be sure that we will be constantly offered new and new ways of self-inflation that we can jump on and ride all the way missing what is actually HERE as our true reality that everyone is so avoiding to face and sort out.

The problem is the mind which is imposing own reality on what is here in and as the physical. Our ideas, beliefs and opinions that we learned from our parents, society, media etc. are in direct control of who we are and how we live our lives. What is beneath and beyond we can no longer see and here we already need some assistance from the extensive brainwashing we received since day one. The solution is to stop searching for a moment, to stop and look around at all the undeniable FACTS that are here telling us the real story of what is here now and what is to come if we do not start to work with real numbers, real pictures and deal with real lives rather than with the figments of our imagination.



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