Day 257: The Real News

Now  you might belief that on your way to work when grabbing a newspaper or at home watching a mainstream TV news channel, or when reading some popular articles on the internet, or when talking to your colleague(who is also reading the same papers and watches the same TV programs) you get your understanding about the economy, politics or any other aspects that affects your reality.

Well this misconception must be understood if we ever want to get out from the vicious cycle of deception and begin the journey towards the Real understanding. In this it’s important to identify some real /valid sources of information. I could definitely suggest to read and listen to Noam Chomsky ,who, without listing all his accomplishments and areas of expertise, is a real critical thinker able to see clearly at the structures of power and their interaction with each other and to report it in simple language for many to understand. So here we can begin our own investigation and learn our own methods of looking at reality with a critical view.

For many it seems there is no motivation, or maybe no window of opportunity to see beyond their daily lives. Just today I was approached by some guys who made me wonder about the actual reasons they do not see the reality that is here, meaning the real problems, the real consequences and of course the interconnectedness that binds us all to the same fate that’s just around the corner.

Well, we can’t be wrong by stating that one of the big reasons is, as I stated above, the media itself, where it’s so much in our face and just as a quick MacDonald’s snack we take it to make our lives “easier”. Apparently there is not enough time to give ourselves time to “cook the real meal”, to watch and read the Real Factual information that is available these days with a mouse click. This lack of time point also must be understood because it’s very unlikely that there will more time than what is now available. The system is becoming ever more brutal and the probability of losing what one already has, for many, is becoming bigger. Thus it’s actually the best time to start allocating time to that which is important, because it’s really important, because it’s finally almost touching us. We have long ago lost any compassion for our neighbor or those we do not meet directly in our lives, and thus we never moved ourselves to sort the broken system and only now when it’s coming closer to our doorstep we have a chance to stand up and do something.

Yet again the brainwashing of our media is so big that we do not even realize that there is a problem. Everything seems pretty much ok, everything seems stable, our politicians are greedy as ever, world goes hungry as it always did, wars kill millions like it happened throughout history. So what’s to worry about? Well the worry is in the facts of how the history is moving and where it’s going towards and all the actual data showing the inevitable self-destruction of humanity. Media doesn’t say that because just like any other entity in existence it is fighting for survival and only those can survive and thrive that are in alignment with the views of those that fund the organization itself. Most newspapers of today are primarily concerned and give huge attention to – the placement of adds, for example, because that is a big source of income and in this simple act they immediately  become biased and unable to be critical reporters who would be ready to report any truth. When you are concerned about survival then it’s simply an arduous battle between the myriad of self-interested groups and whatever you publish you have to think twice about.  Besides the newspapers are owned by powerful people that run their own stories and propaganda with the main purpose to keep or grow their power within the system.

So one thing is clear, we cannot trust mainstream media and so we have to go sideways to build our own understanding about the matters of the world, ensuring in this that we are not being influenced by our feelings of how we want the reality to be but only view the Real Facts as they are. See this article to understand how feelings play a role in shaping our worldview. You’ll be amazed how much more there is to know.


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