Day 258: Planned Obsolescence keeps us Happy


Not many people have considered why and how there exists this good feeling while we are shopping for some goods that we need and those that mostly we don’t need. But it explains why we are not enraged when finding out about the planned obsolescence for example. I mean we don’t really mind about our goods breaking down every so often, because we can get more of that good, sweet feeling in the shops.

The desire to own something a little newer, a little better, a little sooner than is necessary has been ingrained into us – therefore when our old equipment breaks down (according it’s design) we are happy to replace it with something a little better.

When watching the documentary about the planned obsolescence I was amazed to find that it’s been going for so long already, where I believed it’s a rather new invention – I was wrong. It appears that already in 1924 there was “1000 hours life committee” created that had to ensure that the light bulbs wouldn’t go over that amount of hours when there were already light bulbs in the market that could last 2500 hours. All this trouble to ensure the survival of the economy where in this jobs are created, constant consumption and money flow.

At that time when this all began there wasn’t much or any concern about the sustainability of our earth’s resources. The perception was that we live in abundance and that it will last. We obviously underestimated our abilities and now we find ourselves in a dear situation, where I am forced now to write this blog in hope to bring some awareness and besides showing the problem propose a sustainable solution, which fortunately is here, but, unfortunately, no one wants to hear because it requires to reconsider our values, to question our feelings that we hold so dear in showing us the way how to lead our lives.

But we have just proven that feelings cannot be trusted, they lead us astray into a dark place that we don’t want to acknowledge exist, yet the facts are here right in our face and the numbers show us that we better take some action before it’s too late. Many people already realize that we are in deep, but we just don’t want to let go and give up our dirty little secrets that produce this good feeling inside of us.


It’s to recognize that we cannot live being directed with our feelings but have to remain stable on the ground dealing only with real facts. Based on that we will realize that we require a new system that is in alignment with the physical reality where sustainability is the first priority as well as the recognition of our interconnectedness with everything around us – humans, animals and plants. We are all integral parts of this existence and we cannot survive without each other. Well, probably the planet would do quite well without the human presence, which should make us actually even more humble. With that realization we are to reconsider our values and redefine all the things like entertainment, what we like, what gives us pleasure etc., because our current living is clearly destructive.

In the end we need to realize that real happiness does not come from having or acquiring the things in life but it comes from the possibility to create strong bonding with each other and this physical reality. When we remove activities like planned obsolescence which ensures that we have inferior products we can focus on producing what’s best and this is where the real evolution becomes possible. But as I say our feelings are in the way at the moment.

Here thus I would like to invite each to try this free course, DIP Lite, which is a perfect beginning towards understanding how we function as human beings. The material and lessons are designed to educate one about every aspect of our lives. It’s a perfect place to understand all our behaviors, to stop our addictions and arrive at place where we can clearly see this reality as it really is. I, myself, have stopped many addictions and acquired much knowledge that assists me in understanding all my relationship that I participate on a daily basis. I have redefined many aspects of my life where the joy comes not from consuming and getting my dose of good feelings but from simple interactions with other human, animals where I learn and educate myself on how to live a dignified life where everything I do I consider within that other lives that might be influenced by my decisions.


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