Day 262 Quick Peek into Oil & Gas

Recently I visited the so called European capital of Oil & Gas industry in Aberdeen, Scotland where I was doing my exams nearby and exploring potential job opportunities. During the visit I have been researching the existing trends of mostly the North Sea Oil & Gas market which from the first view seemed extremely positive and optimistic. It’s not until you dig deeper that you find that most of what is told and presented is based mostly on beLIEfs and hopes of people.

The biggest conundrum to be observed is the extreme growth of investment and research and constant decrease in production which has been going on for more than a decade. Reading the articles and journals you see how various companies keep expanding, how they keep building more and more offshore production and maintenance platforms to cover as many new founded fuel deposits as possible. According to experts this boom of investment might keep the production levels more or less stable until 2017 after which they will most certainly continue declining.

So we are basically faced only with a short term solution which is made to look bright and beautiful, yet not much concern or consideration is given to the long-term future. Let’s just get what we have left as fast as we can and then we will see – that is what we are living at the moment.

There is no consideration about people that are misdirected into this “booming” business once the decline will hit their lives as well as there is no consideration about the impact on nature that this fast progress will produce. In other words there is no future, only the present and short term gains from which only a few will fill their pockets. The rest is just hope that this fast progress will show us the way forward.

But it’s not so difficult actually to predict the future based on what is here. We only have to look at the human being himself, the nature of what we have become and what we live. The single purpose of entire world’s energy is to fuel this system that consists of all of us and how we interrelate with each other and how we create our shared living experience. Till now the result of our relationships that we created to direct this reality has proven to be disastrous and since there are no significant changes in place we can see where we are heading – towards more of the same and even worse because now that the earth’s resources are depleting the race for survival will push more and more people out of the system until we all find ourselves in equally screwed position – basically extinction of human race.

Now do we have to go that far to realize that bigger changes are required? I am one vote in claiming it’s not necessary, we just have to start looking into new models of how to produce an effective, and most importantly, a sustainable system to direct our lives. For that purpose we are suggesting to implement “Living Income Guaranteed” which is a new system that will immediately create necessary support structure for the most disadvantaged people in our society and serve as a prevention mechanism for the future impending disaster that we all must and will inevitably face if we continue on the same road.


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