Day 263: Energy as the Engine of Movement


I have just listened to an interview explaining what Motivation is and how it works. It became obvious that how I have lived this word was specifically designed to sabotage the real physical purpose of what this word represents.

What applies to this word applies to all other words as well – and that is about the energy behind it. How I have always lived this word is by experiencing the feeling inside me, the rush and movement within me that was pushing me to take action where I would feel ecstatic and energized to start something. It should have dawned on me earlier, without having to listen to this interview, that something is wrong – I mean I could have asked myself – did I ever really accomplish anything by being moved/moving myself in this energetic way? Well the answer is NO, somehow I always failed in my endeavors, lasting only so much before I would go ahhhh, yeaaaahh “it’s not worth it”, “there must be another way”, “I will do it later” or use some other justification and simply remain in my old patterns, unchanged, waiting and seeking for another energetic kick to move myself.

What must be realized is the nature of any energetic experience and how it moves through polarities. So in this one can calculate simplistically that when this super positive charge of motivational energy is experienced where it will end eventually, as per physics of energy movement, is the negative side of the equation.

So it’s important to be aware of when this energy is arising upon hearing, seeing the so called motivational material. That is an indication that we are about to start another energetic roller coast journey just to end at the same point yet again trying to figure out what was wrong. I always used to judge myself that I am just not good enough trying to figure out what is wrong with me – because I mean just a while ago I was so motivated, so positive to get this done and now I am just sitting here without any willingness to do anything, essentially experiencing the negative consequence of my participation in the mind.

So now the question is how do we move ourselves to get things done if we now step off this energetic wave and how do we make the decision to move ourselves instead letting the energetic charge to play its predetermined cycle?  This is where self-discipline comes in to remove this charge and make the real practical decision to move self. I mean whenever there is energy as the starting point of movement we can predict the end which is energy again as a different polarity. Thus the starting point has to be changed from energy to self. I make the decision to move myself and I move immediately without the interference of the mind which is creating the energetic experience of this movement. I see within myself that this will have to be practiced as this type of self-movement is not yet a part of me where throughout my life it was exclusively the energy that moved me, in cycles only.

So I’ll practice this self-movement in simple daily tasks in my reality to better understand the difference how it is to move and motivate myself without energy being my engine but self-realization of needs to be done.



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