Day 264: What is TV for you- Education or Stimulation?


While watching the TV series there are quite a number of them that do use a lot of sexuality/nakedness within them and it’s also interesting to see how in time from one season to the next the ceiling of what is acceptable is growing where in the most recent movies you can encounter some pretty hardcore stuff.

There was a cool commercial depicting the famous HBO network showing how something that would normally be defined as pornography is absolutely normal when it’s done under the HBO name. It’s really effective tool they are using because I mean we can look at the statistics in the world where so many people are hooked on porn, especially the younger generation. Movie industry is not to blame though, it moves according to the demand, they will always make and produce that which sells, that for which we will vote with our money. They are only securing future consumers, moving in real time with the demand. I can only guess what our programs will look like in the near future considering how our society is moving but it’s quite certain that the picture will not be beautiful in terms of real life and living. By real I mean here the consideration for the physical reality rather than the reality of our mind’s desires, our emotions and our feelings which we can see do not include things like nature, global resources, poverty and others things which are crucial and which cannot be much longer ignored if we are to avoid the disastrous consequences.

When observing universally it seems like what was always the secret life done only in private, due to moral issues, is now coming out into the open where it’s no longer hidden which gives us the chance to see our true nature. So instead of our real values being nurtured we are honoring our entertainment to highest degree feeding only our mind’s desires instead of developing real practical living relationships and creating a system that is dignified and sustainable for all beings. While millions are spent on producing just one episode of our favorite TV show millions of people are dying due to lack of most basic needs – that’s how far our desires has taken us and there are no signs that there will be any change soon because what we get on our TV series, like the pornographic scenes, are specifically being designed to make sure we remain addicted and distracted from what truly matters.

Now it’s not to ignore and stop watching the TV as it can be very useful in getting to know what is happening in the minds of people, to get to know the system, how it works and eventually what can be done to change it. It’s like we have the ability to walk in so many different shoes and in this get an idea how we would act in a given situation. Of course for that purpose documentaries are the best education material and there are a great number of them coming out and covering a variety of issues we are currently facing as humanity. So we have to use all that is available and apply this knowledge for good.


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