Day 265: Do you still have a job?

In a few weeks’ time I am returning to back to work from which I was absent for some months due to the injury. I am fortunate that I have a place to return to when I see so many people around me struggling to find a job that provides with decent income. It’s becoming ever more difficult to find a job and the situation is not getting better. There are still some slave jobs available and for many there is no choice but to take it and hold on to it – just to be able to put food on the table.

I have tried to help employ one of my friends into the same industry that I work but as we found out there is an order given to all agents to not accept or review any applications from “green” people, meaning those that are without previous experience. And just recently I have attended a course in England and I met there some guys that are investing lots of money to their initial training just to find the gruesome reality outside the classroom. The fact is that not all and actually not many will make it, majority will remain and do end up with their degrees at jobs that are way below their education levels.

Those that do make it and find a decent position are sitting very tight and do their best to not look back or look down at those that are not so lucky. I observe this a lot and I observed myself how this tendency to just go on with your life as if all is ok is ingrained. Pure self-interest.

So basically we are in a bit of trouble with this pattern where those that have do not want change and those who want change do not have the means for that. The voice in the system very much depends on the position and the amount of money one holds and sadly the loudest voices do not vote for change.

The good side is of course the amount of “voiceless” people which is growing bigger and bigger and within a functional democracy that’s all what is required for necessary implementation of change. There are many votes now waiting and hoping that in the next election there is something decent to give their vote to. Yet nobody had yet proposed a viable solution that would challenge the age old system and implement more radical changes.

Still the change must happen in order to avoid a bigger crash and there are finally viable solutions appearing on which we can put our vote and support to ensure the future. The idea of having a Basic Income for all people has been around for some time but now it’s finally gaining some momentum and so we have the opportunity and a place to put our attention, do some research and participate as responsible human beings.

Living Income Guaranteed can ensure that no one has to endure the fear of not finding a job that provides food on the table because the food and other basic necessities will always be provided as a basic human right which should have been since the beginning.


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