Day 272: Individual Change and Stopping Addictions

imageI have heard many times how it was said that the process of having any change in this world and reality is an individual process where the change must happen within the individual minds of people and yes I have taken this knowledge into my database and my expression but still it wasn’t my own living understanding and realization of this statement.

I have seen it now more clearly, and I am sure each one of us can see this within themselves by, for example, taking just the simple point of an addiction and here we are faced with the point of change. How many can claim that they have successfully managed to overcome their specific addictions? There are of course some that did find the will to overcome most prominent obstructions/addictions standing in their way towards a better life, yet many have fallen and thus remained with the addiction learning to manage and live with it, mostly finding a way to justify why they cannot give up the addiction where there are also claims that only self is harmed in the process.

This is exactly where we fail to realize that nothing is really isolated in this reality and that every our action has the affect not only on to ourselves but those around us as well. I have seen this in my own life very clearly during the process of resolving my addictions where each failure or success had a ripple effect which was quite noticeable in the people and even the situations around me.

The effect of failure must be very well understood here because usually that is another trap for us to remain stuck in our patterns. What I mean is that when we fail ourselves the normal tendency is to experience copious amounts of shame and regret which are energetic experiences that basically keep the whole machine running and thus we are preparing ourselves to walk yet another cycle of trying to stand up and end the addiction. Thus it’s important to stop the experience of shame and instead within each fall we must find the ways to strengthen our resolve, find new and better practical ways how to walk ourselves out, basically, we must become SOLUTION rather than problem oriented, where we always keep asking the question: how can I better understand/improve/structure my further path of change.

The absolute reward within walking my addictions was the stability, self-confidence that I experienced when and as I would free myself from, we can call it slavery of the mind, the energy that was keeping me in this viscous circuit (circle) of energetic addiction. The mind becomes clearer and suddenly I am able to allocate my resources to other things rather than using them to sustain my addiction. That’s where the process of expansion begins because suddenly we are out of this self imposed containment, that little room in our minds where we were suffocating ourselves.

It a process and some addictions are more ingrained than others which will require more effort and time to get out of. Thus patience is of essence here, realizing that it took time to develop the addiction and thus it will take time to reprogram oneself with different behavior.

Group support is also very important part in this as I have found in my process, especially when reading what others have written in detail about how they were walking, what were they facing and how they dealt within each moment that presented challenges with specific addiction. From here writing for oneself about ones own walking is, I would say, one of the most important parts because in this the whole pattern can be identified in detail where the questions of: how to I fall when I do? Where does this happen? When did I start exhibiting this behavior? What are the trigger points that initiate the addiction? Etc. So from here then we develop our awareness and thus ability to notice the movements of energy of the addiction as well as the power to stop the behavior from taking its full expression in the physical.

There is a very supportive google hangout that started just recently on the topic of addictions where people share their experiences of how they were able to stop and change themselves, even the greatest addictions that ruled their lives for decades. This hangout will continue and is held each Thursday if you care to join life and ask specific questions.


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