Day 279: What is the Force Moving You?



3d-abstract_widewallpaper_super-fast-movement_30868In one of the previous blog I touched slightly on the topic of motivation where I wrote for myself that I will rely on the education/observation of external world events and draw from that the fuel for self-movement. In this I have not fully realized the dependency I was creating on something external to be my power for movement.
The re-alignment I am looking at now is to shift my attention fully into myself, where I do not stand in any way dependent on any external sources, but fully self-sufficient to move by and as self-willingness as myself no matter what. I move as the decision to move within realization that who I am currently as my mind personalities is not who I really am, I am not my mind, yet I am at the moment enslaved in and as it, thus I make the decision to walk the process of stopping the mind and uncover what it is to be and stand as life. I can see that I am not life at the moment, I can see that how I view the world and reality is extremely limited and I have to admit that at the moment I have no regard and no REAL consideration for all the suffering and injustice happening in this reality but only on an emotional level which has no significance or influence without the real actions on my part. I can see how I am confined and defined in my own limited “who I am” constantly battling with my personal issues postponing and procrastinating the real work I am able to do though uncovering my potential. Thus I move myself within realization that this type of existence is unacceptable in the face of what is here.

Just to expand a bit more on the creation of external sources of motivation I see it was based on energy where when I would see or read some really troubling information depicting our current reality I would become emotional and angry and this was the fuel for movement. Yet it must be realized that an emotion is still based on polarity, it cannot be consistent and stable but inevitably eventually it will shift polarities turning into some form of positive feeling – and boom there goes the motivation with it. In real term this has no consistency and thus real power to be influential. Our system in which we currently live in and the way we exist is very consistent, tireless, continuous thus in order to create the necessary force for real changes the same standards of consistency must be met. So energy cannot be relied upon, it has to be self-willed movement which remains consistent through all possible energetic fluctuations created by the mind.


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