Day 286: Understanding and Living by the Principle of What is Best for All

Here I am sharing my process of aligning myself to what I see most crucial principles of life. In this blog I will start with the following principle where I will show my understanding and living application of it:


Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all


image10Living by the principle –what’s best for all – wasn’t difficult for me to grasp as it made much sense from the time I was introduced to it. This was easy because I could already conceptualize the origin of all life being one source, one beginning from where we all come into this reality and I could see that only in the process of growing up we become separate in our expressions by accepting and allowing various beliefs, ideas, opinions, self-definitions about ourselves and this reality. Not saying here that it is wrong to express ourselves differently yet what is important is the starting point of that expression as all the thoughts, words and deeds.

Investigating the current starting point of all our actions, words and deeds we can see that the emphasis is on what is best for ME where the others outside our limited view are disregarded, not considered in any way whatsoever. Within that it’s not difficult to understand why the current expression of this world is so destructive to all life. Everyone lives for oneself competing with each other for survival instead of considering everything and everyone as an equal to ourselves realizing that everything that is here comes from exactly same source as myself, thus essentially everything is actually me. We can fool ourselves for a while and pretend that everything is fine yet this physical reality has a way of showing us the consequence of our faulty believes of separation that we live through the age old faulty knowledge that is passed and blindly accepted from one generation to another.

So as I say it was rather easy to understand this principle yet living and applying it in my daily living was and still is a challenge. What this involves is learning how to consider more and more within each thought, word and deed. It’s a process of expansion where I gather information about my reality thus creating the understanding of a bigger picture and within this understand how I relate and influence this reality with all my actions. We can view this process as a mathematical equation where within our formula of living and making our everyday choices and decisions we learn to include and consider more and more variables to the point where we can include everything that is here in this physical reality and where eventually we can say with certainty – I live that what is best for All.

Within this it’s also imperative to have a clear base foundation and understanding of what it really means to act in ways that is best for all. If you would ask people around they would all give different opinions of what they think is best for all, everyone would come with various believes, ideas, opinions based on their education, the culture they were raised in and other influences. However when we look beyond all the knowledge we can see that what we all share equally is our physical reality which is our physical bodies, our physical necessities. This is our foundation = we come from dust and to dust we return – physical is our common ground and thus emphasis should be primarily directed towards this point of our real equality. Still the mind reality as all our believes, perceptions, ideas, all the knowledge that we have accumulated and live by cannot be ignored and must be considered within all our actions to ensure we have a practical way to manifest a world that is best for all.

In the next blog I will continue with some practical examples of how I have been walking this process of learning to expand my reality and consider the bigger picture within my actions.


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