Day 289: Beautiful Nightmare of Being Dead

3.-dream-interpretation-death-and-dyingYou probably know those dreams that are so terrible and yet so good at the same time, this is one of them. It’s like a glimpse into a possible future, a future that is to come if I do not change the direction in which I am going. I’ve had quite a few of those in my life and some of them assisted me a lot to do some critical introspection and really ask myself what the hell I am doing with my life and what am I creating as my future.

So in this dream I was basically dead but not completely, meaning I was still in my body knowing in absolute certainty that it’s all over, it’s as if I was waiting to crossover and preparing myself for that moment.

I mean some awareness always exists in me that I might possibly die, especially considering the unpredictable nature of this reality were people die every day from most various causes, but even with all that still there exists some distance between Me and Death. Now in the dream the experience was like – shit it really happened to me.

It was a bit overwhelming to say the least. The first thing that came up when looking back at my life was the missed opportunities to create something worthwhile, worst part being that I had the knowledge, understanding also the circumstances and the tools to create the change I desired. Instead I was waiting, I was postponing, giving myself more time to waste – and now suddenly, in this dream, THE TIME WAS UP, ‘I missed the train’ – regret was enormous.

Upon waking up from the dream it took me a few second to come back to reality and realize that I am still here, alive. The dream was following me the whole morning and everything I was doing I was enjoying it no matter how I viewed those tasks previously.

So that’s why I say that this ‘nightmare’ was actually a gift in disguise – gift in terms of having a little taste of death before the real thing gets to me. Surely it’s up to me now to use this gift and in this make some of the corrections/changes that I have seen I failed to create. In this I ask myself – what do I need to do with my life so that when I die I could be at peace with myself and have no regrets for what I left behind. That is the question I am walking with now – it’s certainly a big one and in order to make it more practical for myself I have reduced a lifetime into a day – meaning, at the end of each day when going to bed I ask myself – am I satisfied with this day? Have I made even a small change? Have I made any action towards bettering myself? Am I satisfied with who I was during this day in terms of my interactions with people, the animals, and all my surroundings?

Now I can see that it will definitely be a process to arrive at this place of being completely satisfied with myself, yet I am pleased and grateful to myself for at least moving in the right direction, from where I can develop the self-trust and move a bit faster each time.




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